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Cllr. Mrs M Andrews
Cllr. S. P Batho
Cllr. G. Cooke
Cllr. Mrs R Damiral-White
Cllr. J. Fisher
Cllr. K. Howe
Cllr. Miss B Peall
Cllr. Mrs. D Sculley
Cllr. Ms. C. Trotter-Langlois
Cllr. Col R. Warren
Cllr. D. Willett

In attendance:

Mrs M. Gallop, Clerk to the Council
24 members of the public
Sgt Daye Goddard
County Cllr Rae Leighton

* SADCIC had circulated a report for February regarding the proposed Community Enterprise Centre and Suffolk County Council’s New Strategic Direction (as per attached)
* SADCIC will be holding a public meeting on Friday evening 25th March and Saturday morning 26th March in the Market Hall.
* The Library are having a meeting of the members and users of Saxmundham Library on Tuesday 15th February at 10.30am. There are a number of petitions County wide regarding the proposed closure of 29 out of 40 libraries. Cuts in opening hours would be preferable to closures as libraries are an integral part of our society. There have been numerous articles in the local papers, and discussions on TV and radio regarding the proposed cuts. The Town Council has written to Suffolk County Council requesting a meeting as soon as possible and will do everything within their power to support Saxmundham Library. SCC will be holding their budget meeting this coming Thursday.
* Sandy Thompson, Youth Development worker for the Suffolk Youth and Connexions Service in and around Saxmundham, Leiston and Framlingham expressed grave concern about the forthcoming closure of the Youth Club within the next couple of months. There is a distinct lack of youth provision in Saxmundham and support for the youth is essential. Cllr Mrs Andrews attended a meeting with Keith Jennings and Richard Broom of SCC, Frank Huxley of Leiston Town Council and Malcolm Briggs, Leiston & District Community Partnership, at Leiston Youth Club last Friday to discuss the future of the youth club. Mike Summers from Kelsale Parish Council is the newly appointed Chairman of SAVVY and will be assisting with supporting the future of the Youth Club. A new venue is essential together with financial support and Saxmundham Town Council hope to have a meeting with the youth although they have very limited funds.
* Sandy Thompson advised that SAVVY have chosen three possible skate park companies for advice and guidance regarding the proposed skate park in Saxmundham. They are going to Stowmarket to seek advice from those who have been successful in installing a skate park . SAVVY have already held a number of fund raising events locally as the proposed skate park will cost around £150,000 to install complete with lighting. Planning permission was given by SCDC for the installation of lighting but has since expired and will have to be reapplied for at the appropriate time.
* There is increasing concern about the proposed closure of various household waste sites, particularly the one in Leiston. Cllr Leighton advised that some sites have far better facilities than Leiston i.e. south Lowestoft. If Leiston tip is closed it would create insurmountable problems for local residents and surrounding villages to be expected to travel that distance to dispose of their waste. This would undoubtedly cause an increasing amount of fly tipping around the countryside. Cllr Leighton assured the public that a number of local County Councillors were doing their upmost to keep the Leiston waste site open. A decision will probably be made about this within the next month.
* The cuts in various bus services are also causing hardship to some particularly those who are disabled, elderly and parents with young children. However Suffolk County Council can no longer afford to subsidise bus services which do not pay and commercial operators will have to decide whether they wish to continue to operate. Suffolk Links is a Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) service, and whilst not ideal, provides connections to bus and train links in rural areas. If anyone wishes to travel in the area covered by Suffolk Links, and are not able to access a bus service directly, the service will pick you up from a convenient point. Where appropriate the service will connect with bus services for onward travel to further destinations. For journeys within the service area where connecting to other services is inappropriate, end to end journeys will be possible You can book your journey up to a week before you wish to travel by calling 01728 833526. Suffolk Links will then pick you up at the point agreed and take you where you want to go within the defined area. The booking service is open from 0800 to 1800 Monday to Friday and bookings will be on a first come, first served basis. Other buses are 64: Every hour between Aldeburgh-Leiston-Saxmundham-Woodbridge & Ipswich. 165: Every hour between Aldeburgh-Rendlesham-Woodbridge & Ipswich. 521: Five times a day between Halesworth – Darsham – Saxmundham – Leiston & Aldeburgh. In addition trains run from the station at Darsham every two hours to Lowestoft or Ipswich, and have recently been increased to run every hour between Saxmundham and Ipswich.

REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE: Sgt Goddard had previously circulated a report.
* She advised there had been 16 recorded crimes for Saxmundham during January. Some arrests have been made and suspects are on police bail and some of the stolen items have been recovered.
* Carlton Park is a seasonal problem and has been dropped from the priorities for the time being by SNT. There are two priorities at present: Priority 1 - Tackling crime in Saxmundham, concentrating on reduction/prevention, better information sharing and improved community intelligence. Priority 2, Anti Social behaviour in the Market Place, Saxmundham.
* The SNT have experienced staff shortages recently with short term sickness and an incident leaving PC Stollery with a broken elbow. Response times from the Hubs still need improving but it obviously depends upon where they are situated at the time. It is hoped that the Chief Constable will have a meeting with the Town Council in the near future and Sgt Daye and the Clerk will liaise on dates. Cllr Mrs Andrews had a meeting with Sector Commander, Chris Gilmore recently to discuss various problems and options.
* The Police have moved in Framlingham to the Fire Station but there are no indications, at present, to suggest that Saxmundham Police Station may be sold.
* Illegal car parking in Saxmundham High Street continues to create problems
* Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that at the last SCDC planning meeting she attended the old Police Station at Framlingham received planning permission for residencies.
* There has been an increase in the amount of dumping of cartons and bottles in the river near Henley Close but the Clerk had already reported this to the authorities.

REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR: County Cllr Rae Leighton reported.
* Severe cut backs are causing Police stations across the county to combine offices with the Fire and Rescue stations. There are nine fire and police stations that are situated next door to each other. Framlingham are the first force to combine with the fire station and the next proposed move is Southwold. Police stations will then be sold to assist them with their reduced budgets.
* SCC is planning to divest libraries and where that is not possible closures will occur. The decision on setting their budget will be this coming Thursday.
* The Town Council expressed grave concern regarding the excellent article in our local newspaper highlighting the insufficient number of retained fire fighters in Saxmundham as we have the worst call out time in the area due to staff shortages. Cllr Leighton advised that the rule of being five minutes from the workplace or home precludes a great number of people resulting in a shortage of recruitments.
Concern was expressed about the retraction of the time table ladder because many of our local properties do not have modern fire escapes. Cllr Leighton advised there is an aerial platform in Ipswich and advised that he thought that was adequate because normal fire engines can reach to three floors.
* Cllr Mrs Andrews had once again received a number of complaints about the speeding in South entrance. She advised that in the past detection cameras had been placed in the wrong place as they should go near the entry signs to Saxmundham rather than near the traffic lights as motorists are already slowing down. Cllr Leighton will liaise with the Police regarding this problem.

REPORT FROM THE DISTRICT COUNCILLORS: Cllr Sir Peter advised that as yet no final decision has been made by Suffolk Coastal District Council regarding Council tax but he thought it could remain the same for the forthcoming year or have a very small increase.
* Cllr Sir Peter explained that Cllr Andrew Nunn responsible for SCDC collections has written a long letter to SCC informing them of the numerous problems that will occur if the Leiston waste tip is closed down. Depots are managed on contract for the County Council and Cllr Sir Peter reiterated his grave concern regarding the possible closure. Reduced hours of opening the depot could save money and alleviate the need for closure which would result in waste being dumped all over the place.


Members are invited to make any declarations of personal or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda and are reminded to make any declarations at any stage during the meeting if it becomes apparent that this may be required when a particular item or issue is considered. None declared

3813. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllr B Jones, working abroad, Cllr G Moye, illness, Cllr M Palman, work commitments


3815. TO APPROVE AND SIGN AS A TRUE RECORD THE MINUTES OF THE 10th JANUARY MEETING previously circulated: Unanimously agreed and signed. Motion carried.

3775.1 The Clerk is constantly reminding SCC of the need for various yellow lines to be painted around the town and the need for painting of the last row of the black bricks outside the Market Hall.
3778. Cllr Cooke had contacted the resident where the overhanging tree had caused problems and personally cut it down himself.
3798. Our caretaker remains on long term sick due to a heart complaint. Cllr Moye and our Community worker have been moving the tables and chairs for hall users and the Town Clerk has continued to do all the cleaning. The Clerk will now actively seek to find a temporary person to fulfil these tasks as she and Cllr Moye are unable to continue with the workload.
3809. Cllr Mrs Andrews warmly thanked Cllrs Moye and Mrs Sculley, and the Town Clerk for all their hard work in organising the World War 2 themed dance held in the Market Hall last Saturday. This was a very successful and enjoyable evening although attendance could have been better.
3810. CCTV working party – The Town Council is not involved at this stage but would like to be consulted about the positioning of cameras. Bob Foyer of BOS is sourcing funding and this will take some time to achieve.
3810. Saxmundham in Bloom – 110 hanging baskets will be required from North to South Entrance plus the Market Place this year. The costs of baskets will need to be increased – P& R agenda March.
3785 – Cost of the Christmas tree is still not known.



559 email SALC National Grid consultation sent original by Suffolk Preservation Society
560 email Sizewell Parishes Liaison Group
561 ESTA Minutes of meeting held on 2 Feb 2011
562 Email Trevor Tate revised Community Projects report
563 SCDC agenda & minutes
564 SCC notification of temporary road closures
1. U2507 Rendham Road, Kelsale between the B1119 and C229 Carlton Green 24 Feb – 15 March
2. U2201 Deadmans Lane, Benhall between the B1119 and the U2227 Silverlace Green 28 Feb – 18 March
3. U2224 Deadmans Lane, Benhall between the U2227 Silverlace Green & U2202 Mitford Road 7 – 23 March
565 copy email Reef Estates Tesco – commencing work on site 2nd May 2011- they should be
trading by May 2012. Completion of Plastics Factory works on 19 March – fit out 3-4 weeks
566 E-ON – terms and conditions
567 The Town Telegraph
568 Forestry Commission – The future of the Public Forest Estate in England
569 SCC Revised bus services in our area
570 SCDC Training courses Spring 2011
571 Suffolk Acre – EERF Rural White Paper – Action Plan Consultation workshops
572 email Will Marshall – SCC -Suffolk Links Loes Demand-Responsive Transport – notes from
meeting at Great Glemham


146 email Frank Huxley regarding Youth Club – Town Clerk will respond
147 email Peter Rowberry – Library consultation –views have been noted by the TC
148 SALC – allotments and the Law seminar 18 Feb 10am-12pm £20 + VAT
149 The Friends of Leiston Airfield invitation to their Annual Service of Remembrance & Thanksgiving Sunday 29th May 2011 – Cllr Mrs Andrews is not able to attend. Cllrs Mrs Damiral-White and Cllr Col Warren will attend.
150 SCDC Recycling bank provision – Saxmundham – provision of recycling banks for paper & cans will cease from 1 April 2011 – use kerbside service. Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that the Town Council will need to think about the reduced funds we will receive from recycling as this money has always been allocated to the giving of donation requests. – P & R agenda March.
151 Suffolk Coastal Services – Litter action – Spring clean Suffolk 2011 – Clerk to complete form.
152 SALC – Buckingham Palace Garden Parties – nominate our Chairman to attend Tuesday 19th July 2011. Cllr Mrs Andrews is unable to attend.
153 SALC - SCC New Strategic Direction various meetings – 16 February Riverside Stratford 7.00-9.00pm. Cllrs Mrs Andrews, Sir Peter and Fisher to attend.


C241 SCC Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service Integrated Risk Management Plan 2011-2014
P & R agenda March
C242 SCDC Effect of Central Government comprehensive spending review – remove all Spring & Summer bedding – plant with low maintenance shrubs or grass. Circulation
C243 Email Anna Martin Would we like a free environmental review for Saxmundham Market Hall?
Clerk to reply
C244 Email Suffolk Coastal Arts & Coastal change – The Workshops - Workshops -Circulation

Cllr Mrs Andrews is unable to attend the next Sizewell Stakeholders Group meeting but unfortunately no one else is available to attend.
The Clerk advised the following:
"I have been advised today that our party wall at the front of the Market Hall which has the notice board on is cracked with weeds growing out of it and letting damp in. Crisps are going to employ a builder to remediate their side of the wall and wondered if we wanted the builder to look at our side of the wall at the same time. (Scaffolding will be needed)

I would like to remind you that we are responsible for the damage incurred on several occasions to the art department in Crisps a number of months ago due to our leaking window. Would you like them to give us a price for the work or would you rather have them get the insurers in? "It was unanimously agreed that the Clerk will liaise with Crisps and contact the builders for estimates.

* To approve the monthly finance report to end of January 2011 – Cllr Cooke proposed these as correct, seconded by Cllr Sir Peter. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

A five minute break ensued.

3820. TO CONSIDER ALTERING THE MEMORIAL FIELD ENTRANCE: Cllr Fisher was approached by an amusement company who wish to widen the entrance to our Memorial Field as their equipment is too large for easy access. The pedestrian gate is damaged and will need to be repaired. The Town Clerk had looked at this but thought it was impossible to widen the gate on the left side because the utility services are underneath the ground. Cllr Col Warren will investigate.

3821. TO DISCUSS THE FUTURE OF SAXMUNDHAM LIBRARY: Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that the Town Council have written to the Chief Librarian at SCC to discuss this as it would be catastrophic for our library to close in a town of this size. The Town Council will keep up the pressure to support the library. Letters will be written to the local paper and to the local MP and a march/parade will be held by adults and children from Saxmundham Library on the 23rd February at 11am to the Market Hall and back again. A meeting will take place tomorrow morning, 15th February. Members of the public gave various opinions on what might assist the situation including contact with Tesco’s regarding funding.
The County Council has a legal obligation to provide a library but obviously not in every town

* Cllr Mrs Andrews explained that this provision had been openly discussed earlier.
* It costs £5000 per annum for one senior Youth officer to work with two assistants one evening per week.
* The meeting was closed to enable the public to speak once more. Re-opened after discussions.
* Another problem is lack of a venue for the youths to meet. Funding needs to be sourced. The Town Council will have a meeting to discuss this. Mike Summers, Chairman of SAVVY, has offered assistance to help with the youth services.

3823. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM SAVVY: Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois reported.
* The AGM had taken place with a number of new officers appointed
* They are applying for funding for the renovation of Seaman Avenue play area
* The Town Council have purchased a swing for the play area.


To consider the following application:

C11 0155
Mr Philip Morphy
Beech House 5 North Entrance Saxmundham
Erection of timber and boarded double garage with studio/workshop to rear
There had been one written objection to this application but the Town Council, having no reason to refuse it on planning grounds put forward no objections.

The following decision was made at the Planning meeting held on the 7th February.

C11 0053
28 Church Street, Saxmundham
Erection of extensions measuring 222 sq m to existing food store; refurbishment and change of use of building formerly used as auction house to either Class A2 retail/Class A2 financial & professional institution/Class B2 business use, including partial demolition of existing building & associated works
The Planning committee Chairman had held discussions with two of the managers and Head Office. Waitrose will restore our town’s garden and re-site the two notice boards.
The committee strongly supported this application.

Planning permission received from SCDC:

C09 0118 St. John the Baptist Church, Church Street, Saxmundham – retention of blue metal sign

3825. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE POLICY & RESOURCES COMMITTEE: In the absence of the P & R Chairman, Cllr Mrs Andrews reported:
Glenn Barnes and Sophie Whayman from Leiston Press gave a presentation to re-vamp Saxmundham News. They are prepared to produce a different format, free of charge, and make it available at different outlets in the town and surrounding villages. It is hoped this will commence in the July issue and will be published monthly in the middle of the month. They will source advertisers and the Town Clerk will provide relevant copy for them to print. Any Councillors that have articles or news they would like inserted can pass them to the Clerk. Cllr Willett proposed we go ahead with this, seconded by Mrs Damiral-White. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
The future of the Public Forest Estate in England: Cllr Moye has the Consultation document regarding the above and had proposed that we should respond to this document not agreeing to the sale of the Forestry land. This was not unanimously supported but it was agreed on majority. Motion carried.

3826. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM SAXMUNDHAM NEWS AND THE WEBSITE: The deadline for the next issue of Saxmundham News is Monday 7th March 2011. The Clerk continues to update the website.

* Cllr Mrs Sculley, Chairman of the Market Hall committee, advised that the fees for users of the Market Hall are to be increased from the 1st April 2011. This has been deemed necessary bythe high increase of the utility bills. Non commercial use will now be £12.50 per hour, commercial use £20.00 per hour and hire of the forecourt £20.00 per day. Users of the Market Hall, particularly those who provide alcohol and have parties, will have to pay a deposit of £50.00 up front which will be returnable if the hall is left in the same condition as it was when they use it. Extra cleaning has had to be done on a number of occasions when the hall has been left in an unsuitable state for the next event. It was agreed to leave the decision of refunding the deposit to the Clerk’s discretion as she inspects the hall after use. Cllr Howe will design a bar for the Market Hall and discuss expenditure with a builder. Funding will need to be sourced.
* Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that the Town Council should only be responsible for hanging baskets between South and North Entrance, the High Street and the Market Place. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried. The Clerk will organise workers to complete various tasks to keep the town looking beautiful. The cost of the baskets will have to be increased. P & R agenda, March.

Cllr Col Warren tendered his resignation as a Councillor due to the fact that he is not enjoying the best of health at present and will be moving away from the area shortly to be near his family. This was reluctantly accepted as Cllr Col Warren has made an enormous difference to our town over many years giving his assistance to numerous projects. The Town Council have lost an inspiring and hands on Councillor who has constantly supported the town. The Clerk gave her thanks for all his support to her whilst he was Chairman of the Council.


Meeting closed at 9.45pm

Signed………………………………………… Dated…………………………………..……….
* Page 6 of 6 Town Council Minutes 14th February 2011

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