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Saxmundham Town Council
Market Hall
High Street
Saxmundham Suffolk IP17 1AF
Tel/Fax: 01728 604595

Minutes of a meeting of Saxmundham Town Council
held at the Market Hall on Monday 13 October 2014
at 7.15pm

Present: Cllr J. Fisher – Chairman

Cllr Mrs M. Andrews (left at the break)
Cllr Sir Peter Batho

Cllr K. Howe

Cllr Mrs L Jardine

Cllr R Plant

Cllr Mrs D Sculley

Cllr D Tricker
Cllr Ms C Trotter-Langlois

In attendance: Ms M. Gallop, Town Clerk
Imogen Green, Clerical Assistant
PCSO Jason
County Councillor Michael Gower (late arrival due to attending 2 previous meetings)
7 members of the Public
Richard Cornwell, EADT

The presentation of awards for Saxmundham in Bloom 2014 was carried out by our Chairman,
Cllr John Fisher who congratulated the winners of the various categories.

Best Front garden – Mr & Mrs Welfare
Best Small garden - Mr & Mrs Ashford
Best Hanging baskets - Mr & Mrs Winter
Drought garden - Yvonne Davey

* Raw sewerage has been running down Mill Road as the pipes are inadequate. Anglian Water, having been informed by the residents, have been unblocking the pipes weekly but the situation re-occurs regularly despite this. The Clerk will contact Anglian Water. Action - Clerk
* There will be a Public Consultation on work being done in St. Johns Church this coming Saturday from 10am – 4pm. Some of the pews that have been removed have been utilised for cupboard doors in the new kitchenette. Please visit to see what has been done and comment on future plans.

PCSO Jason Cowles from Leiston reported 11 crimes had taken place this month with no recorded Criminal Damage crimes to either dwellings or vehicles and no recorded thefts or burglaries. The total number of incidents have decreased from 16 to 11 from August. There have been a number of arson attacks in rural areas and the public should stay vigilant. Due to the fact there has been illness with some of the Saxmundham force, police presence has been made available from Framlingham and Leiston and they have been issuing a number of parking tickets locally.

Cllr Mrs Andrews reported that the Community Interest Levy will replace Section 106 agreements in April and she thought that this will be an improvement. S106 payments have been difficult to administer and Saxmundham have not often received monies that have been needed for the town. Once the system is under way Cllr Mrs Andrews will report back. There are 100 pages about the new Levy on the website with the various costs.
Cllr Sir Peter confirmed that the District Council offices at Melton will be vacated by them and will hopefully be sold off for housing. The District Council will purchase a new venue for their offices.


* To Receive Amendments to the Register – none declared
* To Receive Declarations of Pecuniary Interest in respect of Items on the Agenda –none declared
* To Receive Declarations of Non Pecuniary Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda -
Cllr Tricker declared an interest as a volunteer director of SADCIC who manages the Fromus Centre on behalf of SCC..
* To Consider Full/Partial Dispensations for Pecuniary Interests - No dispensations required as no Pecuniary interest declared

4564. TO RECEIVE APOLOGIES FOR AND CONSENT TO ABSENCE: Cllr Ms L.Hailey, work commitments, Cllr D Willett, work commitments

4565. TO APPROVE AND SIGN AS A TRUE RECORD THE MINUTES OF 08 SEPTEMBER 2014 TOWN COUNCIL MEETING previously circulated: Unanimously agreed and signed. Motion carried.


Action By Status
Action Public Forum Footpath between Saxmundham & Benhall B1121
Town Clerk
The location was skirted & cleared of veg on 25 July but will be inspected again by SCC technician
Action Public Forum
Footpath from Mill Rise to Free School
Town Clerk
Footpath was cut in August by the Public Rights of Way Contractor - East Area Technician response – although some vegetation exists the location is passable.
Action: Public Forum Play Area & Ditch near Thurlow Close
Town Clerk
SCDC maintain this area and have been informed.

4554 Report from the County Councillor Work on the traffic lights 20th October
Town Clerk
Change of date –work due to begin on 17 Nov 2014 – Highways will wait & see the outcome/effectiveness of these works before considering the yellow box despite the fact that our District Councillors requested the box in 2011. The timings on the Chantry Road traffic lights seem to have been changed as the traffic is now tailing back instead of clearing.



773 email SALC TOPCOY (older people) Website of the year 2014
774 Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association Newsletter
775 email SALC – e bulletin Sustainable Communities & CIL – 1% only going to Town & Parishes
776 SCDC – Coastline
777 The Long Shop Museum – Engineering a great day out 26 October
778 email SALC SPCC’s Letter to Councillors (speed enforcement)
779 ESTA Members’ Bulletin
780 SALC – Power up Suffolk: Community Energy Workshop 1pm-4.30pm 13 November John Peel Centre, Stowmarket
781 email – March Commonwealth Day 2015 Town Councils & Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth 9th March


268 email Community Action Suffolk – Suffolk Transformation Conference, Friday 24 October 2014 – no-one available to attend
269 email Planning – email Pre-application advice advanced letter regarding charges - circulation

C446 Email SALC
Filming at Meetings – Seminar Wednesday 5 November at Elmswell 10am
No-one available to attend.
C447 Email SALC LAIS important update Transparency Code
C448 Email Caroline Rinder east suffolk
Town & Parish Liaison Budget Review Meeting 25 November 6.30pm Council Chamber Suffolk Coastal DC
District Councillors to attend
C449 Rights of Way
Emergency closure of Public Right of Way for six months from Seaman Avenue to the A12
C450 Email Sarah Shinnie Nominations for the 2015 Suffolk Coastal Business and Community Awards are NOW
C451 SCDC Public Consultation Community Infrastructure Levy – Draft Charging Schedule completed forms due back before 1700 on Monday 17 November 2014 Circulation
C452 Suffolk Police Neighbourhood Watch newsletter Circulation
C453 FOSS Report on Sax Railway Station
C454 David Simpkin
Saturday 6 Dec Christmas Tree Festival & Carols in the Square
C455 Elizabeth Hospice
Volunteer drivers needed
Article to be placed in Sax News

The Clerk advised that the Core Strategy was adopted in July 2013 but this document only replaces part of the old Local Plan. The next stage is to up-date the remaining ‘saved’ policies and the Information pack containing policy information has been circulated for thoughts and ideas to put forward to Planning at Suffolk Coast District Council ( Feedback from Councillors essential.) After the Community Meeting this coming Saturday 18th a meeting needs to be arranged with Planning. Action – meeting to be arranged with SCDC planning.

Cllr R Plant, Chairman of the Finance Committee, advised the following:-
* To approve monthly Finance Reports to the end of September 2014 – Cllr Fisher proposed as correct, seconded by Cllr Mrs Sculley, Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
* To approve the Committees proposal regarding the planting of the trees being supplied by the Woodland Trust in November – saplings will be planted in the South west corner of the Memorial Field with a few along the hedgerow near the boundary with the new building site. Cllr Fisher proposed we pay a contractor to trim out the hedge to prepare to plant up the gaps, seconded by Cllr Plant. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried. Action – Cllr Fisher - source Contractor . Cllr Howe advised that a chemical spray could be used for the brambles but it was felt that it was not necessary to kill all the various plants growing in the hedge.
* To consider the following requests for a donation – Vitalise & Citizens Advice Bureau – Unanimously agreed not to donate to Vitalise as they are not specific to Saxmundham. The Finance Committee recommended a donation of £500 to Citizens Advice but Cllr Tricker proposed we donate £1000 seconded by Cllr Fisher. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
* To re-consider a contribution to the cost of a traffic regulation order (TRO) in Brook Farm Road: Cllr Fisher felt that our decision not to contribute earlier in the year was correct. However due to the seriousness of the potential of an accident outside the Primary School and the amount of work that the Police had undertaken in regard to investigating various options, it was felt, on this occasion, the Town Council would contribute. Cllr Plant proposed £1000, seconded by Cllr Mrs Jardine. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
* To clarify expenditure for the Youth facilities – Cllr Plant had circulated an update regarding this and had placed the expenditure in the provisional budget. He explained that after he received service level agreement he would request full approval from the full Council for the expenditure to be placed in the budget.
* To discuss funding for the Market Hall – After a lengthy discussion Cllr Plant proposed that the Council put aside £5000 from our reserves towards a Feasibility Study to engage Professionals to produce various plans regarding the future makeover of the Market Hall, seconded by Ms Cheleigh Trotter-Langlois. Cllr Sir Peter confirmed his feelings of not spending large amounts of money on the Hall as no matter how much we spend it will never have the facility of its own car park. However there are a number of thoughts and ideas regarding various options of use for the hall. Motion carried on majority.
* To consider the provisional Budget and Precept for 2015/2016 – the provisional budget had been previously circulated to all Councillors for their thoughts. It is hoped that we will receive the final figures regarding Council Tax from SCDC before our Council make their decision regarding the 2015/2016 request for Precept.

4570. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE MARKET HALL COMMITTEE: Cllr Mrs Sculley advised that Jackey L had kindly donated a clock for the outside of the Market Hall but unfortunately it is necessary to have it radio controlled. Jackey has taken the clock back to be altered and the anonymous donation of £100 previously received will pay for this. Hopefully the clock will be erected within the next month.
Cllr Mrs Sculley advised that it had been unanimously agreed not to replace the flag pole at the present time. However Cllr Mrs Andrews strongly disagreed with this decision as she explained that our Market Hall is equivalent to a Civic Building and we should be able to raise and lower flags when necessary. It is impractical to have a flag pole installed high on the building but Cllr Fisher agreed for us to research this matter further. Action – Cllr Fisher
The Clerk will investigate the painting of the railings and benches outside the Market Hall and investigate the painting of the porch which is not up to standard. Action - Clerk

4571. REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR M. GOWER: Due to previous meetings Cllr Gower who had just arrived gave his apologies. He advised the following:-
* Sizewell are still awaiting the State II consultation. EDF will probably begin this either towards the end of this year or in the spring of next.
* There have been improvements for attainment in education in the Primary Schools – reading up from 78% to 81%. Writing 68% to 71% and maths up 3 levels.
* Aldeburgh are considering an alternative traffic management system – Ben Bailey-Hamilton gave an interesting talk and can be found on the website.
* Roles and responsibilities of the Local Authority need to be examined – it is complicated and there are no easy solutions.

10 minute break ensued – Cllr Mrs Andrews left because of family illness and County Cllr M. Gower left due to other commitments.

Mr David Higgins
25 Tennyson Road, Sax
To extend existing fence line along south boundary of property adjacent to footpath on highway to enclose a parcel of land for storage of wheelie bins
Full support given
Mr A Good
Church House,
Church Hill,
Alterations inc barn conversion, rear extension & new conservatory
Full support given
P. Morphy
Part land at
Beech House,
5 North
Erection of dwelling
The Town Council
felt too many buildings are being squeezed into the plot –over
development of the area, spoil the view of a listed house and extra access onto the already busy highways. Strongly
objected to.

Sax Health
Erection of rear single storey extension
Full support given

Mrs J. Phillips
Jackey L
Jewellers Ltd,
23 High Street,
Alterations to separate building into self contained house and shop.
Full support given

Miss Donna Aspinall
Taylor Wimpey
East Anglia,
Tartan House
Etna Road
Bury St
IP33 1JF
Application to vary Condition 1 of DC/13/3263/ARM to allow substituted landscape plan.
No objections


To consider the Terms of Reference of the Committee - Cllr Tricker advised that the Terms had been agreed and unless otherwise needed meetings would be quarterly. The committee could expand to four members. Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois stated she was not comfortable with this committee as she thought it was duplication of work already being accomplished by the Town Clerk and her Assistant. However Cllr Tricker responded that they were looking at improvements in communicating with the residents and had no intention of doing the actual work. Cllr Tricker recommended adoption of the Terms of Reference, with a small amendment, seconded Cllr Sir Peter. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried. The Communications Committee could concentrate on specific duties such as the Notice Board outside the Police Station. The website is constantly being updated by the Clerk and her Assistant. It was unanimously agreed that Cllr Mrs Jardine will join the committee and the next meeting will be on Monday 3 November at 6.30pm.

4574. TO AMEND THE STANDING ORDERS TO INCLUDE RECORDING OF MEETINGS: Cllr Fisher advised that more information is needed and this will be deferred at present.

4575. TO CONSIDER FORBIDDING RELEASE OF BALLOONS AND SKY LANTERNS FROM COUNCIL CONTROLLED LAND: After a debate Cllr Plant proposed that we should not allow Sky Lanterns or balloons on Council controlled land but Cllr Sir Peter thought we should not ban balloons. Cllr Plant advised that helium balloons gave problems to birds, particularly seabirds feeding their young. However Cllr Sir Peter proposed we ban Sky Lanterns only, seconded by Cllr Tricker. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

4576. TO REVIEW THE SECURITY OF THE COUNCIL OFFICE: After a discussion regarding the security of the Town Clerk’s office with particular reference to the computer systems and filing it was agreed that Cllr Plant will review the policies in place to ensure that our employees are totally protected. Action – Cllr Plant. Cllr Tricker suggested that we may need to register under the Data Protection Act. Clerk to investigate. Action Clerk.

4577. TO CONSIDER FUNDING CHRISTMAS STREET LIGHTING: Cllr Howe reported on notification from the sub- committee of the Businesses of Saxmundham regarding the arrangements for Christmas. The event arranged by them will take place during the afternoon of Saturday 6th December. There will be no road closures and the businesses have expressed the desire to make their own arrangements regarding Christmas decorations. The Clerk has ordered a large tree and two small ones for the forecourt of the Market Hall. It was unanimously agreed that the Town Council would not provide Christmas lighting down the High Street.

Cllr Howe advised that there will be a meeting with a few people this coming Wednesday regarding promotion of our weekly street market. Various ideas are being muted to promote the market eg. advertising in the Market Trader, music, bunting, lights around the stalls etc. This is an ongoing project and will be reported on again.
Cllr Plant visited the Sizewell Operations Room which is thoroughly prepared for emergencies
Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois advised that SAVVY will be holding a Table Top Sale in the Market Hall this coming Saturday (18th) from 10am-3pm and would be pleased to have some support.
Cllr Mrs Sculley gave her early apologies for non- attendance at the Remembrance Parade at Kelsale on November 9th.
Cllr Mrs Jardine advised that reminder letters regarding provision of dog bins on the new building sites had been sent to the Contractors but no reply has been received. At present the contractors provide their own waste collection but when all houses have been sold it is anticipated that this task will revert back to the Local Authority. Two complaints from nine letters sent have been received regarding the provision of a dog bin in Saxon Road. Information regarding the exact position of the bin is being sought and once this has been sourced the Clerk will order the bin.
Cllr Mrs Jardine advised that at present two entertainers have responded to letters regarding entertainment for St. Georges weekend next April, Leiston Band and Punch and Judy. Sax Library will provide story telling or an Author. Brook Farm Residents Association will be asked to participate also. Various local organisations and businesses will be contacted regarding the food fayre and the working party will meet in early November.


Meeting closed at 9.40pm.

SIGNED………………………………………………… DATED……………………………………….

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