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Chairman's Report Annual Town Meeting 2009



As many topics will be covered elsewhere I will only give a brief report.


One of the highlights of the last year for me was the Chairman's Reception held in the Market Hall on 17th October. Before you start fretting about the way we are using your Council Tax I should like to point out that as this was a personal initiative by me it was largely at my own expense.   However, this wasn't just a jolly for the Chairman and his friends. Its purpose was a thank you to individuals and voluntary groups for all they have done for the community, and an opportunity for representatives of voluntary and statutory organisations in the area to meet one another. At this point I would like to apologise to anyone I left off the guest list; I just didn't have any more room in the Hall!


The attendance record for the main Council meetings is as follows:- Out of a possible 12 meetings the number attended was:

Cllr Mrs Marian Andrews     11

Cllr Sir Peter Batho       10

Cllr Graham Cooke       5

Cllr Mrs Rose Damiral-White     11

Cllr John Fisher       12

Cllr Ken Howe         11

Cllr Barry Jones       12

Cllr Glynn Moye        9

Cllr Mark Palman       11

Cllr Ms Bryony Peall       11

Cllr Mrs Diana Sculley     11

Cllr Ms Chéleigh Trotter-Langlois   11

Cllr Col Ron Warren        9

Cllr Dave Willett        8   (out of a possible 8)


Thanks to all the Councillors for achieving this average of 87%





Finally a thank you to everyone I have forgotten to mention thus far.



John Fisher , 20 th April 2009



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