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Cllr. Mrs M Andrews
Cllr. Sir. P Batho Chairman
Cllr J.Cassels
Cllr Mrs Damiral-White
Cllr. J. Fisher
Cllr. K. Howe
Cllr. D. Tricker
Cllr. Ms C Trotter-Langlois

In attendance:

Mrs M. Gallop, Clerk to the Council
3 members of the public

PUBLIC FORUM: No enquiries

REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE: Sgt Goddard sent a report and her apologies for non attendance. There have been 13 crimes recorded during last month.

REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR: Cllr Rae Leighton sent his apologies

REPORT FROM THE DISTRICT COUNCILLORS: Cllr Sir Peter advised he will be attending a meeting this coming Thursday at 2.00pm looking at the LDF (local development framework). Cllr Mrs Andrews will also be attending.
Cllr Mrs Andrews reported that the waste collection on Wednesdays had been chosen by a computer but it has now been changed allegedly due to it clashing with Market Day.


Members are invited to make any declarations of personal or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda and are reminded to make any declarations at any stage during the meeting if it becomes apparent that this may be required when a particular item or issue is considered. Cllr Tricker declared an interest in the Market Hall as a director of the Fromus Centre.

3983. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllr Cooke, personal, Cllr Mrs Sculley, illness.
Cllr Willett did not attend.


3985. TO APPROVE AND SIGN AS A TRUE RECORD THE MINUTES OF THE 14TH NOVEMBER 2011 TOWN COUNCIL MEETING previously circulated: Unanimously agreed and signed. Motion carried.


3969 Page 3 , Cllr Mrs Damiral-White advised that Col Warren had gone home briefly from hospital but had to return and is due to have an operation on the 4th January. The Clerk will send him a get well card.
3976 Page 4, Cllr Tricker reported that the working party of the Town Plan is forming and there will be a public meeting on 28th January. Cllrs Cassels and Howe will be involved and any monies for this project will go through the Town Council account. Two members from the Businesses of Saxmundham (BOS) would like to attend the meetings for the Town Plan.
Cllr Howe was congratulated for all his efforts in organising the ‘Santa’ evening – the High Street was packed. The Clerk gave thanks to Ricky, our stalwart community worker, who was kept busy from early morning until 8pm. She also expressed sincere thanks to the owners of H.G.Crisps for their invaluable assistance. Cllr Mrs Andrews had received a few complaints about the early street closure but Cllr Howe said it was impossible to have closure any later due to the fairground needing to set up early to enable the stalls to get in place afterwards. Thanks were given to the Clerk who was kept busy all evening in the kitchen. The Clerk had managed to obtain free parking from SCDC from 2pm onwards that day. Congratulations were given to the Businesses for all their hard work and participation in the successful event.


674 Town Telegraph December issue
675 SCC Budget Consultation
676 NALC Localism Act
677 ESTA agenda
678 Report from Sizewell A & B Stakeholder group to SALC area committee
679 BOS monthly newsletter
680 email Walberswick Parish Council regarding EDF meetings
681 Suffolk Coast Business – Press release Framlingham joins Heritage Coast Market Towns Initiative


171 email Carolyn Barnes – Formal consultation proposed tariffs on changes to management of car parks – comments needed by 12 December as previously circulated. Complaints have been received about charges to the disabled. The Clerk will respond to the email.
172 SAVVY – complaint about the play equipment and grassed area in Seaman Avenue. Cllr Sir Peter had personally cut the grass and was given thanks. Wicksteed will be contacted for assistance regarding the matting. The swings have been rectified and are improved. Volunteers are needed to do the grass cutting and Cllr Cassels will ask Greener Sax if anyone is available to fulfil this task.
173 AXA Commercial – regarding settlement of insurance claim. Cllr Cassels declared a pecuniary interest. Cllr Sir Peter advised that this claim was outstanding and although he didn’t think we should accept liability he thought it should be paid. Cllr Mrs Damiral-White proposed the Town Council pay the invoice as a goodwill gesture without liability and without prejudice. Seconded by Cllr Mrs Andrews. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.


Email Max Hotopf Leiston to Saxmundham bicycle path. This idea would be excessively expensive and certainly not possible in the current economic climate
C302 Email Max Hotopf, Saxmundham railway station – any move to install a ticket machine
Cllr Mrs Andrews advised, having attended the ESTA meeting, there is a move to install ticket machines to all stations but at present it is under discussion with the new franchisee.
C303 Keith Moore - Offer of assistance. Mr Moore, a recently retired Chartered Survey and Chartered Arbitrator offered any professional help without charge to the Town Council if the need arose.


Cllr Sir Peter had experienced problems with his emails and apologised to anyone who may have not had a response to an enquiry. BT are attempting to sort out the problem and Cllr Sir Peter has an alternative email address if necessary.
Cllr Sir Peter invited everyone at the meeting to stay behind to share mulled wine and mince pies.
The Clerk advised that it would be prudent to increase the Precept particularly as the Government may well cap future precepts and the District Council will almost certainly divest other services to Town and Parish Councils in the future. We also need extra monies for contingencies and general increased costs.

* To approve the monthly finance report to end of November 2011 – Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

3990. TO DISCUSS THE SERIOUSNESS OF INADEQUATE PARKING IN SAXMUNDHAM: The Clerk advised that at the recent BOS meeting concern was seriously expressed about the lack of parking in Saxmundham and the detrimental effect it was having on some businesses particularly at the Market Place end of town. A request had been discussed regarding having half of the Market Place car park for two hour parking only and this was to be forwarded to SCDC. However the Clerk advised BOS that due to inadequate all day parking this was not a good idea and acquisition of land would be far more beneficial to enable more parking in the town. Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that there is a plan to extend an area adjacent to the railway platform but the land allegedly belongs to Network Rail. Commuters are increasingly using the Market Place car park together with a number of workers of larger businesses within the town. The Clerk was requested to liaise with Christies to explore the possibility of their staff using their own car park. The land adjacent to BT and Street Farm Road is allegedly owned by five different owners who have not been traced. Cllr Sir Peter thought that the ideal place for parking would be to the East of the Fromus on the flood plain. The original planning application from Hopkins Homes had parking facilities for fifty cars but did not receive SCDC planning approval. Cllr Tricker proposed this subject be placed on future agendas and a working party of two or three people be formed to consider the inadequate parking in Saxmundham and produce a plan. Seconded by Cllr Mrs Andrews. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

3991. TO DISCUSS THE OLYMPIC TORCH RUN: Cllr Mrs Andrews reported that a small committee will meet on a regular basis. A decision was made at the Finance committee to go ahead and order street banners and a flag to be placed in the hole where the Christmas tree is. £3000 needs to be set aside for this event and the High Street will be decorated in the corporate colours. Indoor sports events will be held in the Market Hall and a relay race around the town has been suggested.. Children will be encouraged to make replicas of the Olympic torches and the school will be involved. The High Street will be used for various events involving the children. After the torch run the Museum will have some of the decorations and the remainder could be put up for sale. The Vicar agreed to floodlight the church in the Olympic colours and the bells will be rung if a bell ringing team can be found.

3992. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE FINANCE COMMITTEE: Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that the budget for the Precept will need adjusting. Cllr Sir Peter has liaised with Mr Robin Potter regarding the request for £1000 towards the Science and Community Building project at the Primary School. The building will also be used for community use after school activities. Working parents will be able to leave their children safely and collect them when they finish at the end of the day. SCDC have given the school a grant based on the fact the Town Council will also give financial assistance. A letter of support will be sent to the school. Cllr Sir Peter proposed we make an immediate donation of £250.00 to the Primary School with a letter informing them that the remaining £750.00 will be paid at the beginning of the next financial year. Cllr Fisher seconded this. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried. A further £1000 will be needed for the Diamond Jubilee fund and £3000 for the Olympics.

3993. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM CLUB SAX AND THE YOUTH COUNCIL: In future we will receive a quarterly report from Club Sax and the Youth Council will approach us when necessary. Cllr Mrs Andrews advised she and Cllr Fisher attended the Youth Council meeting held previously this evening. A wish list had been prepared:-
* Skate Park
* Extra evenings for the Youth Club held weekly on Tuesdays only at present
* Support for the Youth Bus
* Contribution towards the rent in the New Year
* The youngsters would like to play basket ball and hockey but would need transport
* The Youth Council would like to have a locality budget of their own
* A Talent Show will be held on the 27th January. To date six acts have shown an interest. The event begins at 7pm and Cllrs Sir Peter and Ms Trotter-Langlois will be judges.

3994. TO RECEIVE AN UPDATE REGARDING THE DIAMOND JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS: Cllr Howe advised that to date £420 had been received from Waitrose and £65.00 donated from the traders on ‘Santa’ evening. The jazz band had been booked for the Monday and will cost £150.00. South Entrance are having their own street party to be held on the old garage forecourt. The Museum is looking for memorabilia from the 1948 Olympics and would be grateful to borrow anything appropriate from that period.

3995. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE MARKET HALL COMMITTEE: Cllr Mrs Sculley was unable to attend the meeting due to illness but a report from the committee had been circulated.

3996. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE PLANNING COMMITTEE: Cllr Mrs Damiral-White advised that the committee had previously supported the following two applications:-

C11 2549 Mr E R King, Part side garden, 71 Fairfield Road, Saxmundham
Conversion of existing double garage together with one and a half storey rear extension to form new two bedroomed dwelling
The committee offered no objections to this application
C11 2531 Mr T Ward, 51 Rendham Road, Saxmundham
Erection of two-storey rear extension and conversion and alteration of existing garage to ancillary accommodation (demolition of existing porch)
The committee supported this application

To discuss the following planning applications:

C11 2652 Network Rail Infrastructure
Land & Buildings rear of Saxmundham Signal Box, Saxmundham Railway Station, Station Approach, Sax
Demolition of two storey redundant former railway building
The Town Council unanimously supported this application.
C11 2567 Saxmundham Health Surgery, Lambsale Meadow, Saxmundham
Extension to car park (4 spaces to side of surgery, 6 spaces to rear)
The Town Council unanimously supported this application.

3997. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM SAXMUNDHAM NEWS AND THE WEBSITE: Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that the December issue of Saxmundham News was due out at any time. Some articles had not been printed as there was insufficient room this month. Copy date for next month is 1st January 2012.

Cllr Cassels attended the Sizewell Stakeholders meeting on the 1st December. There will be a public meeting this coming Thursday, 15th December, 7.00pm for 7.30pm.
Cllr Cassels attended Greener Sax and their Winter Fayre will be held in the Market Hall on Saturday 17th December.
Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois attended the Youth participation training evening as did Cllrs Fisher and Tricker. Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois thought it would be beneficial to have a ‘Meet your Councillors’ monthly event and she would pursue this idea.
Cllr Mrs Andrews attended ESTA and it is hoped that a ticket machine will be installed at the railway station when the new franchisee takes over.
Cllr Mrs Damiral-White enjoyed the Civic Parade on Remembrance Sunday and was delighted to advise that £7268 had been raised so far. She advised that the War Memorial in Fromus Square looked resplendent with all the wreaths placed around it.
Cllr Howe reported there had been a good attendance at the ‘Santa’ evening.
Cllr Tricker who attended the Youth participation training evening advised that he now had a better understanding of the various youth events and committees.

3999. OTHER MATTERS TO BE DISCUSSED AT THE CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION as notified under Agenda item 3: None

A motion was passed and unanimously agreed to discuss the report ‘en camera’. Residents and the Town Clerk left the room.


Meeting closed at 9.25pm

Signed………………………………………… Dated…………………………………..……….
* Page 5 of 5 Town Council Minutes 12th December 2011

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