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Cllr. J. Fisher, Chairman
Cllr. Sir P Batho
Cllr. Mrs. R. Damiral-White
Cllr. G. E. Cooke
Cllr. K. Howe
Cllr. B. Jones, Vice Chairman
Cllr. M. Palman
Cllr. Miss B. Peall
Cllr. Mrs D Sculley
Cllr. Ms C. Trotter-Langlois
Cllr. D. Willett

In attendance:

Mrs M. Gallop, Clerk to the Council
Sgt Daye Goddard
County Cllr Rae Leighton
1 member of the public

PUBLIC FORUM - Nothing to report

REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE: Sgt Daye Goddard reported there had been fifteen offences this month. (report received). The SNT drop-ins had been very successful and the three main concerns from the public are youth related, dog fouling and speeding.

Speeding in South Entrance – Speed checks during last year proved the findings were average:-
July 34mph, October 30.7mph and December 30.8mph. However if you look at the overall speed with the highest 15% July was 41mph or more, October 36mph or more and December 37mph or more. 15% of all cars checked had excessive speed and the SNT officers will monitor this as a priority site.
The Go With the Flow bus will operate on a Friday in Saxmundham to the rear of Zorbas from 7pm until 9pm and Outreach workers have been requested to be on duty until 10pm. The situation will be carefully monitored to ensure youngsters do not cause trouble in the area when leaving the bus.

Apparently a schoolgirl at Leiston High School had her hair set light to and the culprits were suspended for two days. Sgt Goddard will make enquiries about this incident.

REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR: Cllr Rae Leighton advised that there is a gap in the pavement of about 100 metres on the northern side of Rendham Road where pedestrians either have to step into the road or cross over. The land next to the narrow pavement is privately owned by residents and forms part of their gardens. The other side of the road could be realigned taking some hedging from the southern side but that would entail costly engineering road works. The pavement could only be widened if the residents in that particular area were willing to give up a section of their garden and Cllr Leighton would welcome any other suggestions.
The County Council proposed budget increase will be 2.45% the lowest since 1974. This has been achieved mainly by restructuring and cost cutting.
At the Schools Organisation Review meeting last Thursday they endorsed recommendations for the Bungay, Beccles and the Leiston pyramid. The Saxmundham Middle School will provide education for key stage 3 and will be taught at this site as part of Leiston High School until a new High School is built.
The Local Government Review recommendations have been postponed until the 15th July.

REPORT FROM THE DISTRICT COUNCILLORS: Cllr Sir Peter Batho reported that the proposed budget increase for the District Council will be under 3%. He advised that there will be a day of talks, performances and workshops at The Cut Arts Centre in Halesworth on the 26th March to give ideas for developing events in our community.


Members are invited to make any declarations of personal or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda and are reminded to make any declarations at any stage during the meeting if it becomes apparent that this may be required when a particular item or issue is considered. None declared.

: Cllr Andrews, Parish Council meeting, Cllr G Moye, and Cllr Col Warren , family illness.


3391. TO APPROVE AND SIGN AS A TRUE RECORD THE MINUTES OF THE 12th JANUARY 2009 MEETING previously circulated: Unanimously agreed and signed. Motion carried.

Cllr Cooke to organise a working party meeting this coming Wednesday to discuss speeding in South Entrance.



288 SALC – Follow on to Councillors Course Tuesday 17th February and Tuesday 24th February day course including lunch
289 Rural Services Community – weekly digest
290 SCDC – Local Government Review in Suffolk – urging Councils to influence decision
291 Suffolk Coastal Arts Network
292 Suffolk Police – Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter
293 Suffolk Preservation – Programme of Events
294 SCC Charter for Older People
295 SCDC Town & Parish Liaison meeting minutes
296 SCDC Greenprint Forum AGM
297 SCDC email Health & Safety course
298 Safer Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting minutes
299 SCDC Council minutes and agenda
300 Eastwood brochure
301 Rural Services Network


65 Standards Board – questionnaires to complete by 16 February – Clerk to sort


C110 Email Suffolk Coastal Allocation of Local Authority Business Growth Incentive Grant Circulation
C111 EEDA The Business Map Circulation
C112 John Jackson Closure of Somerfield – Letter of complaint regarding time lapse of re-opening. Food essentials can be bought at alternative venues in Saxmundham
C113 Trevor Tate Joint Suffolk Coastal, Town & Parish Councils Next meeting 11th March.
C114 D J Adams Market Hall usage – complaint about notices Circulation
C115 Suffolk Coastal Business Forum
Agenda & minutes Circulation
C116 SCDC Local Government re-organisation final recommendations July 15th
C117 Guy Ackers Sax & Kelsale hedgerow surveys Donation request declined
C118 Hazel Das Invitation – Otley College Momentous Apprentice Circulation
C119 Town Telegraph Monthly paper Circulation

As the Chairman of the Planning Committee had to leave early it was unanimously agreed to discuss Planning. Cllr Mrs Damiral-White reported the following:-

3394. LDF – Local Development Framework – Core Strategy - to consider a response to the SCDC Consultation for Local Development Framework

The Councillors unanimously agreed the following:-

Reference Location TC recommendation

347 Land to the west of Hurts Hall Keep as Greenfield

347a Land opp Park Farm bungalow, S Ent & N of Kiln Lane Keep as Greenfield

420 Land opp St John’s Church, Church Road (598 extends in this)
Hopkins Dev – ok

458 Land adj Fromus House, Street Farm Road Keep as is – proposed need for car parking site – keep options open

570 Land at The Chestnuts, Church Road Extend boundaries to get the land
included within the Town envelope

577 Land adjacent Memorial Field Keep as employment use

598 Land at N Street Farm Road Keep as is – physical limit extension
- outside Sax development – should be in the town envelope

618 Land at Carlton Gate No - Cllr Cooke declared an interest

641 Land adj Grafo Products St Johns Road No

641a Land at Saxmundham Station No

646 Land adj Somerfield & E of Fromus (+420 o/lap) Keep as planned by Hopkins Homes but ensure retention of Riverside
walk – Cllrs Fisher & Willett declared
an interest

764 Land at former bus depot, Street Farm Road Yes to mixed development use

Decisions made at the last Planning Committee Meeting:

C08 2276 Reef Estates, Church Street reviewed proposals of redevelopment of Church Street – strongly supported

C08 2175 Wendy Skinner, Land to the rear of 18-22 Market Place, erection of two detached, two bedroom cottages (existing outbuilding to be demolished) – site far too small for two cottages and concern about vehicular access

C08 0703 Capital Associates Land between Rendham Road & A12 - refused by SCDC
C08 2194 Mr Gosnall 10 Market Place, Saxmundham Change of use from A2 office to A1 shop – permission granted from SCDC

Cllr Andrews had circulated the following regarding the LDF:-

“Please refer to the Core Strategy and Development Control Policies – Preferred Options paper published in December 2008. Page 42 (Strategic Policy SP9 – Saxmundham)

At a meeting of the full Development Control Committee last Thursday afternoon I requested that a sentence be added, as (f) to Strategic Policy SP9 for Saxmundham:

The Strategy for Saxmundham is therefore to:

(f) have sufficient services and facilities, particularly health and education, to serve the population profile.

Following discussion it was agreed that this sentence should be added for all the towns in SCDC where it is not already included in the Core Strategy i.e. Framlingham, Leiston and Woodbridge. Currently, the only town where it is included is Aldeburgh.

I trust that the Town Council is in agreement that this crucial sentence, in my view, should be added.”

Unanimously agreed by all Councillors – Motion carried

Cllr Fisher advised that new legislation coming out this May stating that only elected members can stand for the positions of Chairman and Vice Chairman

* To approve the monthly finance report to end of January 2009 – unanimously agreed. Motion carried

3397. TO CONSIDER THE RESULTS OF SADCIC SURVEY REPORT (previously circulated): Advised to read the report for discussion at next months meeting particularly from page 22 onwards.

3398. IN THE EVENT OF SIZEWELL C CONSIDER FORMING A GROUP TO NEGOTIATE FOR LOCAL IMPROVEMENTS: Cllr Mrs Andrews had circulated the report below having attended the meeting with Cllr Sir Peter Batho:-


Meeting held at Middleton Village Hall – 28th January 2009

Meeting was attended by representatives from several local parish councils but there were some ‘notable’ absentees e.g. Benhall, Sternfield, Stratford St. Andrew, Aldringham, Knodishall etc. who are close enough to Sizewell to warrant an invitation. Middleton P.C. will ensure that they are invited to attend in future, if they want to. The suggestion is that the area to be included is based on the Leiston school pyramid model.

Malcolm Blakeney (Chairman – Middleton cum Fordley Village Plan) explained that the Director at Nuclear Energy had expressed an interest in working with local parish councils and that there would need to be links with major funders (EDF, Local Councils & Government agencies). A Council in Cumbria where Nuclear Energy presence is growing had managed to acquire an enhanced road infrastructure, a new hospital (costing £100 million!), housing and improvements to education facilities.

In this area an improved transport infrastructure will be essential this time but E.D.F. cannot be expected to bear all the costs of a major road from Saxmundham by-pass to the site of a new power station, or whichever route is finally decided upon. What is on our wish list? (In France, local people get free electricity! – this benefits everyone in the area).

* Do we want new, old-style Council housing for the plant workers (to be handed over to the community later (the so-called Olympic village model)?
* Do we want better education facilities with opportunities for apprenticeships etc. so that our home-grown young people will want to stay in their communities - perhaps with a scientific/technology centre at Leiston High School?

We need to find out how Cumbria developed their strategy – there was a suggestion that a small group (a steering group?) might find it useful to visit Cumbria to learn at first hand how they went about it and what they have achieved.

The aim should be to achieve objectives which would not otherwise have happened and to devise a structure for Council co-operation that could be a party to a formal contract with the energy provider. The group would need to have a Constitution and Aims and Objectives and the boundaries of the group must be clear. Joint community issues and needs must be identified. Ideally each Parish representative would be someone who could attend meetings on a regular basis thereby ensuring continuity of attendance. It was also felt that Middleton should not be expected to provide or pay for all the administration costs: each parish would need to put a small amount of funds into a pot to cover this (an initial amount of £50 per parish was mentioned).

Cllr Sir Peter advised that many residents would like to see a direct road off the A12 to Sizewell due to the vast volume of increased traffic particularly through Middleton, Theberton and Westleton. He asked whether Saxmundham Town Council were in favour of a group being set up and it was unanimously agreed that Cllrs Mrs Andrews and Sir Peter would be our representatives on this group and the next meeting is due to take place on the 11th March. All in favour – motion carried.

3399. TO CONSIDER THE PAVEMENTS IN RENDHAM ROAD: - discussed earlier in the evening and agreed to continue to request Cllr Rae Leighton pursue this subject with Highways.

Cllr Sir Peter proposed that our reserves were withdrawn from the Bank of Scotland and £20,000 put into a Barclays fixed rate Bond that would tie us into that account until the 25th September then it could be transferred into a tracker business deposit account together with the remaining balance. Seconded by Cllr Fisher. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.


Cllr Sir Peter proposed this request be turned down, seconded by Cllr Cooke. One against and the remainder of the Councillors were in favour. Motion carried on majority.

3402. TO CONSIDER OUR SUPPORT FOR THE ‘ONE STOP SHOP’ (copy letter previously circulated)
The Chairman had been requested to sign a letter of support regarding support for the One Stop Shop and Cllr Sir Peter proposed that the Council authorised this. Seconded by Cllr Howe. Cllr Cooke stated that we should not use park land for this proposed building. 9 votes for, 1 against and 1 abstention. Motion carried on majority.

3403. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE POLICY & RESOURCES COMMITTEE: Cllr Jones reported most topics had been discussed earlier but stated it was excellent news for our Town regarding the Schools Organisation Review enabling Saxmundham Middle School being used as an annex to Leiston High School for ages 11, 12 and 13 until a new school is built.

3404. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE MARKET HALL COMMITTEE: The Clerk advised the following:

* Cabinets for the Market Hall – Cllr Peall hasn’t begun the refurbishing of these yet due to inclement weather.
* Two cupboard doors have fallen off in the kitchen – remain off for safety reasons
* Internal doors to the Market Hall are warped – quotes requested
* Ladies toilet leaks in one cubicle – Plumber repaired this week
* Floor board loose near the stage – Clerk to investigate
* Gas leak in the kitchen - fixed
* Clerk to enquire about the cost of having a wheelie bin – too costly for limited usage
* Disposal of sanitary wear for the ladies – Cllr Moye in communication with PHS
* Stays for the Market Hall doors to be purchased – Clerk to organise
* Clerk obtaining quote for new inner doors for the Market Hall
* A new water heater should be installed this week
* Emergency fire bars to be replaced on the Market Hall doors as soon as possible
* Vandalism at the weekend damaging all three flower tubs and bench at the front of the Market Hall – Police informed


* Cllr Howe attended an ESTA meeting on the 28th January and an article regarding the East Suffolk Line 150th anniversary will be placed in the next edition of Saxmundham News. One of the things which ESTA will be doing to mark this occasion is mounting a series of exhibitions at various locations including Saxmundham Museum. On Saturday 16th May Loco Oliver Cromwell (Britannia Class) will pass through Saxmundham at 10.40am to Lowestoft. A celebratory dinner will be held on the 30th May at the Bell Hotel. Network Rail are putting in a revised planning application for a passenger lift at Ipswich Station.
* Cllr Howe reported that National Express has placed flower tubs at the railway station but Mr Blodribb has advised that they will not sponsor hanging baskets anymore. There has been an ongoing problem in watering the baskets due to the fact there is no water available at the station. However Cllr Howe and the committee will continue to work on the ground around the station and will have to work extremely hard to achieve gold standard in the Anglia in Bloom competition already entered for this year. A fund raising wine tasting evening will take place this coming Friday evening and Cllr Howe urged everyone to support it.
* Cllr Palman advised that he had gone to Middleton to attend a meeting but was unable to park his car because the car park was totally full
* Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois has been holding various meetings with SAVVY (Saxmundham and Villages Voluntary Youth), a Community Youth Action group and fund raising events are being planned.

3407. OTHER MATTERS TO BE DISCUSSED AT THE CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION as notified under Agenda item 3: None

3408. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 9th March 2009 at 7.15pm
Monday 6th April 2009 at 7.15pm due to Easter break (Cllr Mrs Sculley gave her apologies for this meeting)

Meeting ended at 9.45pm

Signed...................................................................... Dated.....................................................
* Page 6 of 6 Town Council Minutes 9th February 2009

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