Cllr. J. Fisher, Chairman
Cllr. Mrs. M. Andrews
Cllr. Mrs. R. Damiral-White
Cllr. K. Howe
Cllr B. Jones, Vice Chairman
Cllr. G. Moye
Cllr. M. Palman
Cllr. Miss B. Peall
Cllr. Mrs D Sculley

In attendance:
Mrs M. Gallop Clerk to the Council
Sergeant Daye Goddard
3 members of the public

The Chairman Cllr Fisher welcomed Sergeant Daye Goddard to the meeting.

A PUBLIC FORUM lasting approximately 15 minutes will be held prior to the formal meeting at which
members of the public can raise matters
* It was felt that the article in Saxmundham News regarding parking on zig zag lines could be misinterpreted by some people who might think its permissible to park on the yellow lines instead. It is illegal to park on either.
* There is parking for eight cars in the Market place and apparently there are often up to fifteen cars parked at one time causing traffic congestion and a danger to the public

REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE: PCSO Thora Taylor had sent her apologies for non-attendance but had sent a report. Sergeant Daye Goddard introduced herself to the meeting informing everyone that she had been redeployed and had several years service within the Police Force and was very familiar with this area. She reported on the following:
* An ongoing problem with neighbours in Heron Road
* A serious problem to damage at the Scout Hut on the Memorial Field on three separate occasions as there are flammable materials kept inside. The Police have written to neighbouring residents asking them to be very vigilant.
* A speed gun for use in villages at £2000 per gun is being used as a monitoring tool to check speed limits in various areas and persistent offenders will be contacted by the Police. The PCSO's are trying to link parishes together to enable them to share facilities. If Saxmundham would be interested in obtaining a speed gun Sgt Goddard can arrange for someone to come and discuss this option.
* A new campaign is about to be launched called 'pack it and back it' to encourage walkers not to leave their valuables behind in their cars whilst out walking particularly in forest and beach areas and the Toby Walks.
* Sgt Goddard is managing the Safer Neighbourhood Team for Saxmundham and Framlingham. The objective is to invigorate partnership meetings and liaise with both towns to discover the local problems e.g. in Saxmundham there is insufficient areas for parking and a lack of facilities for young people. Sgt Goddard was advised that afternoon meetings for SNT were not well attended due to work commitments and it would be preferable if they could be held after 6pm. The SNT review has created an additional Sergeant's post resulting in one Sergeant to cover Framlingham and Saxmundham and the other Sergeant the Aldeburgh and Leiston area. There has been a review of existing staff which should enable Saxmundham to have its own dedicated Police Officer together with one Sergeant and two PCSO's. The amalgamation is in response to streamlining of SNT's and staffing levels and is Government driven with a proposal to link Saxmundham with Framlingham.

REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR: Cllr Rae Leighton was unable to attend the meeting and did not sent a report.

REPORT FROM THE DISTRICT COUNCILLORS: Cllr Mrs Andrews reported: (copy enclosed)

* Closure of the dispensary at Lambsale Meadow surgery for residents of Saxmundham who live further than one mile from the pharmacy in the High Street.
* Two Public meetings on a potential new nuclear build at Sizewell on the 15th and 16th July
* Boundary Committee proposals for Norfolk and Suffolk - if we are a large Unitary we will be a very large rural area with only Market Towns and small villages relying on agriculture and tourism with only one large employer (Sizewell). We would not have the Docks or Martlesham as the viability will take it away from our area. Parish and Town Councils should have a greater influence on what happens. Cllr Andrews thought it would be preferable to have an East Suffolk a West Suffolk and an enlarged Ipswich. The Town Council need to respond before the 26th September with their views.
* The designation of alcohol free areas was passed at the last full Council of SCDC. Signs will now be erected and it is envisaged that the scheme will be up and running by mid-summer.


Members are invited to make any declarations of personal or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda and are reminded to make any declarations at any stage during the meeting if it becomes apparent that this may be required when a particular item or issue is considered. None declared.

3291. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllr Sir P Batho, meeting, Cllr G Cooke, holiday, Cllr. Ms C. Trotter-Langlois, sick, Cllr Col R Warren, holiday

3292.1 Commemorative Board on the Memorial Field - Cllr Mrs Damiral-White
3292.2 Sale of second hand cars on the forecourt of the old Ellis building in Church Street - Cllr Mrs Andrews
3292.3 Display of advertisements on the fence in Church Street - Cllr Mrs Andrews
3292.4 Walk-way by the Gull, west of Felsham Rise - Cllr K Howe
3292.5 Shrubbery by the Railway Bridge - Cllr M Palman

3293. TO APPROVE AND SIGN AS A TRUE RECORD THE MINUTES OF THE 9th JUNE 2008 MEETING previously circulated: Minor amendment to 3284 - fourth bullet point add months. Unanimously agreed and signed. Motion carried.

Overgrown land next to the Bowls Club - Cllr Fisher to liaise with SCDC.



188 Suffolk Acre - Community Initiative Awards
189 Fordham Research Public Consultation Ipswich Housing Market Area
190 email Suffolk Acre MBE for Suffolk Acre's Chairman
191 SCDC Greenprint Forum Meetings
192 Asst Chief Constable - SNTs
193 Leiston Sax & District CAB - AGM 15 July 08 - Cllrs Fisher, Palman and Sculley to attend on behalf of the Town Council and Cllrs Andrews and Batho representing the District Council
194 email Suffolk Police Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter
195 Suffolk Coastal Parish Bulletin
196 Environment Agency - Coastlines
197 Suffolk Roadsafe Action Plan
198 J Parker wholesale bulb catalogue
199 Action for Market Towns Convention Yorkshire 1 & 2 October 2008
200 email Suffolk Acre Rural Deprivation Report
201 email onesuffolk - July Newsletter
202 Brochure on bus shelters
203 email Shelter's New Campaign
204 Furnitubes - Street furniture
205 SCDC Play Inspection report on Seaman Avenue - Cllrs Fisher and Peall to visit SCDC tomorrow regarding the play equipment. One gate has been locked but there are no Notices displayed explaining why.
206 SCDC Agenda & minutes of meetings
207 email SCC Road response to Mr Rowberry regarding markings at the end of Rendham Road A12 crossing
208 SCC About Suffolk Newspaper
209 email Magnox key dates


38 email SALC Code of Conduct Training 18th July - Councillors to contact the Clerk if they wish to attend.
39 Environment Agency Consultation on Flood Management Plan by 18th July - Councillors to respond individually if they wish.
40 Suffolk Coastal Invitation to breakfast meeting Sizewell Wednesday 23 July - Cllr Fisher to attend
41 email SCDC Town & Parish Liaison Meeting Thursday 17th July Riverside Centre - Cllr Fisher to attend
42 SCC - bus shelter information pack to be circulated.


3296. CHAIRMAN'S ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cllr Fisher advised that he had received the resignation of Victoria Burdett due to work commitments and a bout of poor health. The Council were very disappointed that a young Council member had left.

* To approve the monthly finance report to end of June 2008 (circulated) - Cllr Moye proposed these as correct, seconded by Cllr Mrs Damiral-White. All in favour. Motion carried.
* To approve the Statement of Assurance for the year ending 31st March 2008 (figures previously circulated) Unanimously agreed - Motion carried.
* To receive expenditure/income details from St. George's weekend celebrations (Cllr Andrews) Cllr Andrews informed the Council that the event only cost the Council £389.28 which was an excellent result for a small band of Councillors operating a part time hobby!

3298. TO CONSIDER PERMITTING BLOOMFIELDS AMUSEMENTS, AT THEIR EXPENSE, TO ALTER THE TWO POLES AT THE ENTRANCE OF THE MEMORIAL FIELD TO ENABLE THEM TO LIFT THE POLES IN AND OUT AND BOLT BACK UP: The Councillors unanimously agreed that they could take out the two centre posts and the Clerk would telephone Mr Bloomfield and ask him to contact and liaise with Cllr Barry Jones.

3299. TO CONSIDER THE WATERING OF HANGING BASKETS AT SAXMUNDHAM STATION: The Council agreed to pay half the costs of watering the station baskets and Cllr Fisher will contact John Blodribb of Community Rail Partnership to confirm they will fund the other half. Cllr Sculley proposed Felsham Garden Services water the station baskets from now on, (until further notice) seconded by Cllr Andrews. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried. Cllr Howe advised that he hoped to receive a magazine from Rex from Suffolk Coastal Services who used to water our baskets about bowsers as it may be beneficial if the Council purchased one of their own.

3300. TO RECEIVE AN UPDATE ON THE YOUTH COUNCIL: Cllr Moye reported that he would be liaising with the youth aged between 12 and 18 and it is hoped that there will be an election towards the end of September to enable their first meeting to take place before the Town Council meeting on Monday 13th October.

3301. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE PLANNING COMMITTEE: Cllr Jones reported as he had chaired the Planning Meeting. Cllr Damiral-White had been elected as Chairman at the Planning meeting on the 7th July which she had been unable to attend.
Cllr Jones advised there had been four applications as follows:

C08 1042
Wendy Skinner
Land to the rear of 18-22 Market Place, Saxmundham
Erection of two detached, two bedroom cottages (existing outbuilding to be demolished)
The committee had no objections to this proposal.
C08 1116
Ian Bolt
36 High Street, Saxmundham
Erection of a one & a half storey dwelling
The Committee had no objections to this.
C08 1117
Ian Bolt
36 High Street, Saxmundham
Demolition of existing barn
The Committee had no objections to this.
C08 1001
Peter Ling
12 Mayflower Ave, Saxmundham
Erection of study, porch & conservatory
The Committee had no objections to this.

Mr M Stone who has taken the lease of the old bus station depot had attended the Planning Committee and will be invited to attend the sub group car park meeting next Tuesday.
Reef Estates sent the Town Council a copy of their new proposals for the development at Church Street. It is hoped that this application will go forward for approval to Suffolk Coastal District Council soon.

3302. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE POLICY & RESOURCES COMMITTEE: (minutes previously circulated) Cllr B Jones reported on the following:-
* Cllr Jones will liaise with Cllr Palman to source a new computer for the Clerk before the next meeting
* Suffolk Coastal District Council are assisting with fund raising for the proposed Skate Park
* Cllr Jones had circulated a letter regarding the franchise of Saxmundham Market - all Councillors agreed the contents and the Clerk will type and send it to SCDC. Motion carried
* At present there is insufficient funding for the Town Council to purchase any new bus shelters but there is a possibility of moving one. The Clerk will obtain an estimate for repair to the shelter at the top of Church Hill.

3303. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE MARKET HALL COMMITTEE: (minutes previously circulated) Cllr Moye reported that the charges for the use of the Market Hall and forecourt will be increased as from 1st September - 50p an hour for non-commercial use, £1.00 per hour increase for commercial use. The daily tariff for use of the forecourt has increased by a £1.00 per hour but remains free of charge for charities. The Clerk has already sent out letters to regular users advising them of this increase.
Cllr Moye is awaiting a response regarding funding for refurbishment.

3304. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM SAXMUNDHAM NEWS AND THE WEBSITE: Cllr Andrews advised that the latest edition had been delivered. She informed the Council that in future if articles, news or any other information does not arrive by the deadline date the data will not go into magazine.

Cllr Palman had previously circulated an informative report on his attendance at the meeting at Wickham Market regarding the introduction of charges at Public Car parks. The Deputy Leader of the District who had initiated these charges, Cllr Andy Smith didn't attend the meeting. Framlingham are in the enviable position of having no charges because their car parks are owned by a Trust. Saxmundham need to closely liaise with Wickham Market because we do not have enough car parking especially for long term parking.

Cllr Moye had not attended the Emergency Planning meeting as he was not informed of the date due to an oversight
Cllr Jones reported that he was informed at the Middle School that County Cllr Rae Leighton had not reported the full facts to the last pyramid meeting clarifying the need for the school to remain open and the future of the school is still in abeyance. The consensus of the Governors of the School was that if necessary they will take the school out of Suffolk County Council's control and make it a grant maintained school and Cllr Jones will keep the Town Council informed of any decisions that are made.
Cllr Howe advised a future fund raising event for Saxmundham in Bloom will be a Wine tasting evening in the Market Hall on the 15th August and tickets are available from Crisps. The committee are also having a stall at the Brook Farm Residents Fun Day this coming Saturday, 19th July. Our town was judged last week and the results will be known in September. The Council warmly gave thanks to Joanna Townsend for the excellent Portfolio and also sincere thanks to everyone who assisted in sorting out the various tasks necessary in getting the Town looking beautifully decorated.
The staff at the station had tidied it up and some of the baskets on the station had to be renovated the evening before the judging due to lack of watering.

3292.1 Commemorative Board on the Memorial Field - Cllr Mrs Damiral-White advised that this board is in a
poor state of repair with rotting timber and its illegible. Agenda item
3292.2 Sale of second hand cars on the forecourt of the old Ellis building in Church Street - Cllr Mrs Andrews
requested that this be reported to the County Trading Standards.
3292.3 Display of advertisements on the fence in Church Street - Cllr Mrs Andrews reported that these were
being placed on the railings around the edge of Somerfield car park and was advised that this is a
District Council planning issue.
3292.4 Walk-way by the Gull, west of Felsham Rise - Cllr K Howe advised that this area was prone to flooding
and young children were getting soaked on their way to school. It was thought that the District Council
are responsible for the drainage needed in the tarmac path.
3292.5 Shrubbery by the Railway Bridge - Cllr M Palman advised that this had grown to head height off the
Embankment walking south from the North Entrance. Although this belongs to Railtrack it was felt that
Highways would deal with it.

3307. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 8th September at 7.15pm unless necessary to have an August meeting

Meeting closed at 10.13pm

Signed................................................. Dated..........................................
* Page 5 of 5 Town Council Minutes 14th July 2008