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MONDAY 11th JUNE 2012


Cllr. Mrs M Andrews
Cllr. Sir. P Batho Chairman
Cllr J.Cassels
Cllr. J. Fisher
Cllr. K. Howe
Cllr. Mrs Sculley
Cllr. D. Tricker
Cllr. Ms C Trotter-Langlois

In attendance:

Mrs M. Gallop, Clerk to the Council
Mr David Gallagher, Head of Commercial Partnerships & Strategic Commissioning SCDC
PCSO Thora Taylor
7 members of the public

* Extreme disappointment was expressed about the lack of a donation from the Town Council this year to the Adventure Playground who constantly fundraise themselves. They have to pay £302 for All Risks Insurance, £141 Public Liability together with the costs of monthly inspections for the equipment. Cllr Sir Peter declared an interest as a Trustee. The playground is used by all ages within the town and surrounding villages and they felt they had been let down by the Town Council for the lack of support.
* A resident from Southwood Close complained about the level of noise from Tesco car park with delivery vehicles, exhausts, and doors slamming. Tesco do not have a fence around the site to help reduce the noise level and now wish to increase the times for delivery. The store is extremely close to housing and within a conservation site. Cllr Mrs Andrews declared an interest as a member of the Suffolk Coastal District Council planning committee. The present times have already been contravened when a lorry arrived earlier than the agreed time on the 27th May. Refrigerated vehicles bringing fresh produce to Tesco cause the most problems particularly when the diesel is left running. The present fixed times which have operated during the last three weeks since Tesco opened has already caused considerable disquiet from the residents in Southwood Close and longer hours for deliveries will cause further upset. The Town Council will debate this later on but unfortunately do not have any control over what is planned.
* Mr David Gallagher, Head of Commercial Partnerships & Strategic Commissioning had kindly attended the meeting to respond to any queries regarding the finalisation of the purchase of Fromus Square. Unfortunately SCDC have been unsuccessful in their lengthy attempts to purchase two parcels of land within Fromus Square. The Town Clerk questioned the importance of this aspect and advised she had not received up to date information or a copy of the outline area in question. She also expressed her concern as to the siting of the War Memorial if Waitrose wish to extend the business more into Fromus Square because we are unsure where the boundary is between Waitrose land and SCDC land. Mr Gallagher produced a dossier for the Clerk to photocopy. If the Town Council decide to take over the ownership of Fromus Square SCDC would pay for the full costs of maintenance during the first year but request a share of costs during years 2 and 3 with the Town Council totally responsible in year 4. The Town Council have pressed for ownership of the land for a number of years but a number of previous Councillors are no longer on the Council and new members have queried the cost to the Town Council if we pursue this. Obviously if we do not take over the ownership, activities which are presently carried out in Fromus Square could be considerably curtailed. Cllr Fisher had seen plans of land registered as part of the White Hart property and suggested they will need to be compared with the documents produced by SCDC solicitors. Mr Gallagher kindly agreed to source more information on this project and will meet up with Cllr Fisher and the Clerk when he has all the material to hand.

REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE: PCSO Thora Taylor had sent a report previously and advised that 13 crimes had been recorded during May. A SID has been requested for speeding along Brook Farm Road although PCSO Thora has been monitoring it. Illegal parking along the High Street appears to be reduced since the opening of the supermarket car parks but Police, depending on their availability, will continue to monitor this problem.

REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR: Cllr Leighton was unable to attend due to previous commitments.

REPORT FROM THE DISTRICT COUNCILLORS: Neither Cllrs Mrs Andrews or Sir Peter had anything to report on.


Members are invited to make any declarations of personal or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda and are reminded to make any declarations at any stage during the meeting if it becomes apparent that this may be required when a particular item or issue is considered.
Cllr Tricker declared an interest in the Market Hall as a volunteer director of the local social enterprise, The Saxmundham & District Community Interest Company, who are now managing the Fromus Centre, on behalf of Suffolk County Council. Cllr Mrs Andrews declared a personal interest in B192, extended hours of deliveries for Tesco. Cllr Sir Peter declared a pecuniary interest in planning application C12 1123, land to the west of 56 – 80 Mayflower Avenue, Saxmundham and requested that the planning applications be discussed at the end of the meeting to enable him to leave.

4111. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllr G Cooke, holiday, Cllr Mrs Damiral-White, illness. Cllr Willett did not attend.

Multi Sports Court -Cllr Ms C Trotter-Langlois

previously circulated: Cllr Tricker proposed these correct, seconded by Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois. Unanimously agreed and signed. Motion carried.

Fromus Square- Previously discussed
Page 2 of the AGM May 2012 6.12 Citizens Advice Bureau – Cllr Mrs Sculley confirmed that she will represent the Town Council for this organisation.


622 1st Responders – thank you for donation
623 Audit Commission consultation on appointment of external auditor for 2012/2013 and future years
624 Email Kirsty Mallinson – forthcoming road closure East Green Level Crossing, Tiggins Lane, Sax 22.30hrs Sunday 16th September until 6.30hrs Monday 17th September. This does not relate to Saxmundham.
625 SALC Local Councillor
626 SALC Allotment Workshop 26th June 10am £25 plus vat – Cllr Cassels will inform the Clerk of his availability to attend.
627 email Jenni Carberry Go with the Flow Bus – thank you for donation
628 email Colin Ware Mayflower Avenue – complaint about the way the grass in the public areas of Saxmundham is maintained – Clerk replied and advised Mr Ware to contact Suffolk Coastal Services
629 SCC – Make a change multi agency team – Suffolk Sexual Exploitation and Prostitution Strategy
630 Town Telegraph
631 Citizens Advice Bureau – thank you for donation
186 SCC Rights of Way Changes and additions to waiting and loading restrictions in Saxmundham
187 Email Joss Shove Tollgate Cottage, North Entrance, Saxmundham – Proposed shared pedestrian/cycle path Low Road to Brook Farm Road – Cllr Mrs Andrews to drive to the area and assess the situation.
188 Home – Start Invite to AGM at Woodbridge to be followed by afternoon tea 16th July at 1.30pm – Councillors to advise the Clerk if they wish to attend.
189 SAVVY update plus event at Sax Primary School on Thursday 21st June 7.30pm – would the Town Council like a table top there? – sharing information around local youth provision and to identify what is and what is not available. Councillors encouraged to attend this and had previously been given information by Daye Goddard about this event.
190 Suffolk Coast & Heaths – Invitation to take part in the consultation to decide on actions to be undertaken over the next 5 years – Councillors can respond individually if they wish.
191 email SALC Suffolk Code of Conduct and the registration and disclosure of interests – new regime. It is anticipated that a new regime will apply from 1st July and the Town Council will be required to adopt a code of conduct which differs from the current model. There will also be a new register of interests for councillors which will require the registration of both the interests of the councillor and the partner/spouse they live with. The interest recorded will reflect those of a pecuniary and non-pecuniary nature. The new Code of Conduct will need to be adopted at the July meeting.
192 email Clive Pink, Environmental – New Tesco store – current time restrictions considerations
193 email Colin Sweeney – Review of housing services within Suffolk Coastal
194 email Chairman Radio Castle Community Radio – invitation for a private visit to the station


C336 ESTA Minutes of meeting 30 May 2012 Circulation
C337 Leiston Sax Citizens Advice AGM Wednesday 11 July with guest speaker Stephen Baker Circulation
C338 Paul Watts Personal letter handed to the Town Clerk regarding Jubilee which he requested be read out
Clerk read out the contents of the letter. Praise was given to Cllr Howe and his team for the Jubilee events but he felt it necessary to express his disappointment that some Councillors did not attend.
C339 Email Daye Goddard Youth Matters  Daye Goddard had circulated an article on youth matters requesting promotion of an event to invite residents along to an information evening to find out more about ideas for getting local young people more involved in the community and sparking their interest for trying something new. Thursday 21st June at Saxmundham Primary School 7.30pm.

4116. CHAIRMAN’S/ TOWN CLERK’S ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cllr Sir Peter had nothing to report on. The Clerk reminded everyone that her computer had broken down and access to emails was limited for the next few days.

* To approve the monthly finance report to end of May 2012 – Cllr Mrs Sculley proposed these as correct, seconded by Cllr Fisher. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

After consultation with Suffolk Acre we have submitted a bid for funding from Awards for All; the success or otherwise of which we will learn towards the end of July.
Meanwhile we are planning a weekly, morning, drop in surgery in the town centre manned, on a rota, by two Steering Group members - to get more input and also to maintain the link with our community, the date for this to commence will be announced soon.
The work very much goes on, we will shortly start planning/drafting (based on established community need and preference) what questions will be considered for inclusion in the survey/questionnaire which is likely to be published/distributed in October. Currently we are considering 3 questionnaires: Residents, Young People and Business.
To aid this we need to purchase software from Suffolk Acre which we have been trailing to test it’s suitability and are satisfied that it will ideally fit our requirements.
We have two choices, either to virtually stop now and wait for the outcome of the A4A bid and, if we are successful, the arrival of the monies or to continue with the job with which we have been charged by the Town Council showing the confidence that we feel not only in the need but also the rightness of this project.
There are obviously continuing costs for instance the purchase of the Suffolk Acre software and we would ask the Town Council to consider additional funding to cover these interim on-going costs.” (up to £250.00)
The meeting was closed to enable Cllr Tricker advise the following:-
Cllr Tricker advised there will be drop in surgeries soon in the White Hart – dates to be advised. The group were up and running and Cllr Tricker felt that the three Councillors involved should now withdraw from the meetings although he expressed his wish to read and comment on the questionnaires before they were circulated.

The meeting re-opened. The Town Council thought it was felt necessary to retain two members from the Town Council on the Town Plan Committee and as Cllr Cassel was happy to step down it was unanimously agreed for Cllrs Howe and Tricker to remain on the committee.

4119. TO DISCUSS RECENT MEETINGS OF SIZEWELL PARISHES LIASION GROUP: Cllr Mrs Andrews gave a lengthy report on this. She had met a representative from the West Somerset District Council, Mr Chris Morgan, at Theberton Village Hall who gave his experience in dealing with EDF.

* Cllr Tricker questioned the £30million received at Hinkley and what the money went towards. Cllr Fisher reported that EDF are advising that we will not get anywhere near that amount and it will be mainly localised to the immediate area of the power station.
* We should not expect to get a by- pass – even Hinkley are still waiting for this to be done.
* Large employment opportunities were grossly exaggerated
* A large number of residents at Hinkley Point are elderly resulting in them living close to a building site for the remainder of their lives
* Ongoing issue with transport problems
* By pass essential but building has not begun yet
* Paramount to look at road infrastructure before anything else
* If the new build at Sizewell is to go ahead road proposals need to be put in place immediately
* No assistance from the Government
* Hinkley Point is the flagship for nuclear stations whereas Sizewell is not
* There are 5000 traffic movements everyday at Hinkley but they have the M5 and we only have the A12
* There is no motorway in this part of Suffolk and transporting equipment, tools and people to the area will cause major problems on our already crowded unsuitable roads
* Transportation could be done by rail. It is unlikely to be done by sea as Sizewell is very shallow and large ships could not berth.
* The idea of obtaining a by pass for the four villages that has been ongoing for a number of years is very unlikely

4120. TO DISCUSS THE PURCHASE AND ALLOCATION OF GRIT BINS: The Clerk had received eleven requests for grit bins but lorries supplying the grit need to have accessible areas. It was unanimously agreed that Cllrs Fisher, Howe, and Ms Trotter-Langlois would form a committee and suggest a set criteria for deciding where the grit bins should be placed at a cost of around £180 per bin and report back to the Council next month.

4121. TO DISCUSS POSSIBLE WAYS TO TACKLE LITTER AND DOG MESS: A litter pick had been carried out recently and it was discovered that the town was much improved from last year although there is an ongoing problem around the play areas. The Clerk will request the bin at Chantry Road play are be moved nearer to Chantry Road rather than its present position on a slope. Cllr Cassels will investigate this situation and report back next month.

The Town Council have one bin, for market traders only, outside the fire door in Station Approach. There have been numerous complaints received about the increasing number of bins belonging to The Bell Hotel outside next to our bin, beneath our kitchen window along to the Bell garden railings. This is causing a health hazard with an increasing amount of flies and an eyesore particularly for visitors to the town coming from the railway station. Cllr Fisher proposed we investigate the lease/purchase of the old lavatory block in the back of Market Place and sub-let it to the Bell Hotel for use. Seconded by Cllr Tricker. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried. Town Clerk to make enquiries and report back.

* Current times for deliveries for heavy goods are 8am to 8pm – proposal to change to 7am – 8pm.
* Proposal for light vehicles to be extended from 8am to 6.30am
* Tesco opens its doors for customers at 8am and they need delivery of their food earlier to ensure it’s on the shelves for purchase before the doors are opened. Negotiation will be sought to ascertain whether the reversing sound on the trucks could be switched off. The meeting was closed to enable the public to give their opinion.
* Meeting re-opened . The noise from the diesel refrigeration boxes is deafening for residents nearby particularly as there is no soundproofing around the area where the vehicles are waiting and lining up to deliver.
* Any decision that is made at present will be a pre-application response before the planning department send us the official documents for consideration.

Cllr Tricker proposed that we agree in principle to the increase in delivery hours with the following provisos:
1. Reversing sound is switched off and not used
2. Engines are not left idling
3. Create a barrier wall at the back of Tesco’s extending it across the back of the car park to reduce the noise of lorries waiting to enter the delivery bay and moving around.
Seconded by Cllr Fisher. Cllr Mrs Andrews did not vote because she is a member of the Development Control Committee at Suffolk Coastal District Council which will eventually make the decision on this matter. The remaining Councillors unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

4124. TO DISCUSS STORAGE FACILITIES FOR EQUIPMENT: Cllr Howe thought the Town Council should consider renting a lock- up as there is insufficient room for the increasing amount of equipment owned by the Council. Various areas such as behind the stage and some space above the lavatories should be used for archives only and not equipment as the Clerk needs availability to them at all times Cllr Sir Peter advised everyone to give this subject serious consideration. Agenda item next month.

4125. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE PLANNING COMMITTEE: The applications will be debated at the end of the Council meeting as agreed earlier.

Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that there will be a further meeting to discuss finalisation of plans on Monday week. There will be around 1000 children coming to Saxmundham on the day but it will not be a school day off – they will have to return after the torch has passed through the town. Leiston and Framlingham children will arrive by coach or mini bus, and pupils from Saxmundham and Benhall schools will walk. There will be no barriers around the pavements and the roads are too narrow to take barriers. The procession of the torch will provide a rolling road block. There will be a jazz band on the forecourt from Framlingham College and there will be burger/hot dog and ice cream stalls in Fromus Square.
Official marshals will be provided and a lady who has taken part in previous Olympics will be attending from Framlingham bringing her medals for anyone who would like to see them. The Middle School are making their own torches and are having a competition to choose the best one made.
The next issue of Saxmundham News will provide information with a map on the Olympic Torch parade.

A motion was passed to continue with the meeting because the 10pm deadline had expired. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

Saxmundham News is presently being printed and will be distributed within the next few days.
The website cannot be updated at present due to the breakdown of the Clerk’s computer.


Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois thanked those who had attended the table top sale on Saturday for SAVVY - £98.89 was raised.
Cllr Cassels advised that the sharing of skills at Greener Sax had been well attended.
Cllr Howe advised he had been to a meeting of the Business Association earlier in the evening and was informed that the Portas Pilot bid was not successful but they will re-apply. The Manager from Tesco had been present and advised that the three units next to the store will be taken up by the Horse Charity Shop, Costa Coffee and a Betting Shop.
Cllr Tricker attended the Sizewell Stakeholder Group AGM but there was not much to report on. He will attend their next meeting but thought that the group needed streamlining.
Cllr Tricker advised that SADCIC are holding an open/fun day at the Fromus Centre from 11.30am-3.30pm on Saturday 7th July. There will be a variety of activities with a bar serving beer, wine and Pimms, with coffee and cakes available. Various amusements will be there including a bouncy castle. New groups will be encouraged to use the facility. Colonel Warren who was the Chairman of SADCIC will be removed as a Director when the company report is filed.

4130. OTHER MATTERS TO BE DISCUSSED AT THE CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION as notified under agenda item 3 - 4103:
Multi Sports Court -Cllr Ms C Trotter-Langlois had circulated possible plans for a multi sport court and
requested the Councillors consider the possibility of it being sited alongside the proposed skate park on the Memorial Field in Rendham Road. Further information will be provided in the near future. Agenda item in July. The funding application will need to be applied for by early next year as the closing date is in June.

There is disquiet over the usage of the Scout Hut on the Memorial Field. Daye Goddard has written to the new leader of the Scouts requesting use of the facilities for the positive activities which take place on the Memorial Field during the summer. The Scouts have stated that there is no availability for additional use of the hut as there is no extra capacity beyond Scouts/Brownies and Guides. The Scouts pay a peppercorn rent for having their Scout Hut on the Memorial Field. The Town Council Chairman, Cllr Sir Peter, will compile a letter for the Town Clerk to send to the leader of the Scouts regarding the apparent unwillingness to allow other groups access to the facilities.

4131. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 9th July 2012

Cllr Sir Peter left the meeting as he had declared a pecuniary interest in the planning application C12 1123.

4132. To discuss the following planning applications: Cllr Fisher was previously appointed to chair this.

C12 1028 Ipswich Building Society 10 High Street, Saxmundham
Conversion of flat to two one bed roomed flats (renewal of planning permission C07 1971
The members supported this
C12 1029 Ipswich Building Society 10 High St. Saxmundham
Alterations & additions to include conversion of existing flat to form two one-bedroom flats along with fire & acoustic separation works, (renewal of expired listed building consent C07 1972.
The members supported this application
C12 1123 Christchurch Property Co Ltd
Land west of 56 to 80 Mayflower Avenue, Saxmundham Outline planning permission for up to 20 dwellings on a 1.5 acre site. The members objected to this on the grounds of lack of infrastructure and concern over the wildlife.

Planning consent given by Suffolk Coastal District Council:
C12 0618 & C12 0619 Land & Buildings South of Church Street, Saxmundham erection of 4 trolley bay enclosures & erection of enclosure to external scissor lift to unit 1 and erection of 4 solar collectors on the flat roof of the western elevation
C12 0688 84 Fairfield Road, Saxmundham – erection of two-storey extension to form double garage with living accommodation over

Meeting closed at 10.30pm

Signed………………………………………… Dated…………………………………..……….
* Page 2 of 7 Town Council 11 June 2012

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