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Cllr. Mrs M Andrews
Cllr. S. P Batho
Cllr. G. Cooke
Cllr. J. Fisher
Cllr. K. Howe
Cllr. G. Moye
Cllr. Mrs. D Sculley
Cllr. D. Willett

In attendance:
Mrs M. Gallop, Clerk to the Council
County Cllr R Leighton
1 member of the public
Mr P Peeling
Mr D Tricker

Cllr Palman had resigned as Chairman at last months meeting. Cllr Sir Peter Batho proposed Cllr Mrs Marian
Andrews as Chairman, seconded by Cllr Willett. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
Cllr Mrs Andrews proposed Cllr Moye as Vice Chairman, seconded by Cllr Mrs Sculley. Unanimously agreed.
Motion carried.


* An increase in the amount of dog faeces around the town and particularly at the Layers. Cllr Moye to re-start his previous campaign.
* The bin at the junction of St. Johns Road and Chapel Road is totally full. The Clerk will report this.
* A number of bins around the town are in a deteriorating condition but are obviously costly to replace.

REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE: The Police had sent their apologies and circulated a report with 12 recorded crimes.
* The Clerk informed the Council that the Market Hall had been vandalised during the weekend. A window above the fire door had been smashed and broken glass had fallen inside the building all over the entrance hall.
* Cllr Moye advised that one crime that he had reported had not been recorded in the November figures. The Market Hall had experienced a theft of equipment.

REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR: Cllr R Leighton reported the following:

* The new Government are radically reducing the amount of funds leaving a shortfall of £140 million over the next four years. SCC are experiencing the dilemma of how they continue to improve services with less money. They have saved £70million over the last four years with efficiency savings but will unable to continue this.
* The new strategic direction (NSD) is about people coming together to get Suffolk through the crisis that will be generated by public spending cuts. It is also about developing a different way of working which the Suffolk County Council devised and made the decision to adopt the NSD.
* SCC will be smaller and more flexible with voluntary organisations, charities, community organisations and the private sector hopefully taking on responsibilities that traditionally have been those of the County Council. Cllr Sir Peter felt that it will be extremely difficult to find any additional volunteers because those of the mind to volunteer were already volunteering. Only time will tell if the idea of tapping into the community spirit will be successful.

* REPORT FROM THE DISTRICT COUNCILLORS: Cllr Sir Peter reported that the District Council are working hard on the financial situation and the outcome of any changes in delivery of services will be known in about two months time.


3772. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN: As above – Cllr Mrs M Andrews was elected as Chair person.

Members are invited to make any declarations of personal or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda and are reminded to make any declarations at any stage during the meeting if it becomes apparent that this may be required when a particular item or issue is considered. None declared.

3774. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllr B. Jones, working abroad, Cllr M. Palman, work commitments, Cllr Miss B Peall, illness, Cllr Ms C Trotter-Langlois, illness and Cllr Col R Warren, illness

3775.1 Market Hall, Cllr Sir Peter Batho

3776. TO APPROVE AND SIGN AS A TRUE RECORD THE MINUTES OF THE 8TH NOVEMBER 2010 MEETING previously circulated: Unanimously agreed and signed. Motion carried.

It was unanimously agreed to bring forward item 15 to accommodate Mr Peeling and Mr Tricker from SADCIC.

3777. DISCUSS THE REPORT FROM SADCIC: Mr Don Tricker and Mr Phil Peeling reported

Community Enterprise Centre – Joint Project Board
* Members of the Town Council may be aware that a Joint Project Board has been established to oversee the development of the Community Enterprise Centre at the Saxmundham Middle School site. The membership includes SADCIC Directors with Robin Potter as Chair, Brian Prettyman of SCC Property, Guenever Pachent SCC Library services, Councillor Rae Leighton, Councillor Marian Andrews and Andy Wright/Alison Mathews of SCDC Economic services. The Board has appointed Steve Palmer as project manager.
* SADCIC has prepared a feasibility study proposal for conversion of the site and buildings and SCC has offered to resource the necessary work as ‘payment in kind’. This study should start up in the next few weeks.
* With strong support from Guenever Pachent we have recently held an initial meeting with staff from the library and a number of interested volunteers regarding setting up a user group to look at and consult on the future of library services for the town (Members and Users of Saxmundham Library – (MUSL). Roger McMaster (Head of Suffolk Library services) attended the meeting and spelled out the future need for a strong community group to run future library services. The group will now hold a meeting in mid January to establish further support and provide a vision of future library service possibilities by inviting speakers from other centres.
* We have a joint meeting with Fromus Valley Education Trust to identify how best to coordinate activities and future liaison between the two groups.
* This comprehensive project is a major initiative for the town which will greatly benefit local people today and will impact on many generations to come. Whilst a number of councillors are already involved in the project in one way or another, we feel it is important that the Town Council has formal representation on the project and we would invite:
* 1. A Representative of the Town Council to join the Community Enterprise Centre Joint Project Board. Cllr Mrs Andrews who is already a Board Member advised that it might be easier to get an additional Councillor involved from the Town Council after the elections in May.
* 2. Support from the Town Council for the Saxmundham Library (MUSL) group – this would include funding and support for meetings and visits to other signature library projects
* 3. Joint discussions and analysis of the impact on the Town of SCC’s New Strategic Direction document, providing response to the consultation and support to local organisations who will be called upon to develop services and partnerships.

SADCIC will provide a short report to the Town Council for their monthly meetings.
Mr Peeling and Mr Tricker were warmly thanked for the presentation.

Page 1 - Work has begun on the Hopkins site
Limited work has begun on the Tesco’s site with soil sampling and building commences in
the Spring with a proposed opening this time next year.
The Museum will be displaying various artefacts next year which were found on the Hopkins
Homes site.
Page 3 Cllr Fisher will investigate the overhanging branches at the Spinney in Brook Farm Road.

SCDC Legal Department are chasing the proposed ownership of Fromus Square.
We have not received a response yet to our letter to the Police.
Page 5 3767 Cllr Howe has contacted Sue Palmer regarding the Girl Guides participating in a project for Saxmundham in Bloom



546 SALC subscription for 2011/12 will be £775.00
547 ESTA minutes from meeting on 24 November 2010
548 Victim Support – request for donation
549 Town Telegraph
550 SCDC agenda & minutes
551 email Barry Woodgett regarding East Suffolk Lines CRP Stakeholder meeting
552 Parish Matters regarding parish council insurance
553 Switchover for digital TV
554 email Consultation (Police) You can go to the link ISCRE/Suffolk Constabulary Service Level Agreement – Consultation if you are interested in responding


138 SCDC email regarding the Consultation on air quality in Suffolk Coastal – no new areas of concern in the district
139 Journal of Local Planning – essential guide to planning and the emerging role of parish councils – no interest shown at the present time
140 email Sandie Thompson SCC update from the SAVVY skate park sub group – to be discussed under the P & R report
141 The Big Society – Divesting services – previously discussed
142 SALC Various courses – would anyone like to attend the Councillor Course Saturdays 15th & 22nd January 2011 – Cllr Mrs Andrews encouraged Councillors to attend these.
143 Saxmundham URC – Offering assistance to the community – they have a small room available – Clerk will respond


C227 Suffolk Coastal Suffolk Hedgerow survey newsletter - Circulation
C228 SCC Notification of temporary road closure 5 & 6 March 2011 U2526 Albion Street, Saxmundham at the level crossing - Circulation
C229 SCDC Town & Parish Liaison meeting held in November Circulation
C230 ESTA Minutes of meeting Circulation
C231 Suffolk creating the Greenest County Funding of the Beccles Rail Loop Circulation – The upgrading of Saxmundham Railway Station has not been mentioned in future funding plans
C232 SCDC Agenda & minutes Circulation
C233 SCDC Review of road names in Sax - Cllr Fisher to review

Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that she is unable to attend the Sub Committee Stakeholders Group on Wednesday. Clerk to contact James Tott to give her apologies.
The Clerk advised that as the caretaker is off on long term sick leave she has been cleaning all the lavatories and Cllr Moye together with our community workers have been erecting tables, chairs and other cleaning tasks. This situation cannot continue and we may have to employ someone as a temp to fulfil these jobs.

* To approve the monthly finance report to end of November 2010 – Cllr Cooke proposed these as correct, seconded by Cllr Moye. Unanimously approved. Motion carried.

3782. TO CONSIDER THE PROPOSALS OF THE MARKET WORKING PARTY: Awaiting a response from SCDC regarding the transfer of ownership.

3783. TO CONSIDER THE INSTALLATION OF CCTV: Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that since the last debate a few years ago regarding the installation of CCTV crime has increased and it might be prudent to install some strategically positioned CCTV. However both Cllrs Fisher and Moye would not support this. The cost a few years ago was approximately £10900 per camera and funding would have to be obtained. We would need a minimum of three cameras with excellent film quality to monitor who are the perpetrators’ of crime. At this point in the economic climate we cannot justify the expenditure and Cllr Howe was asked to relay this information back to BOS who requested this as an agenda item.

3784. TO CONSIDER THE BUDGET FOR 2011 AND SET THE PRECEPT: Cllr Mrs Andrews reported the outcome from the latest P & R meeting where the budget was discussed and a proposal was made of setting the precept at last years figure, plus inflation, plus £2000 for general reserves. The budget will be reconsidered at the next P & R meeting on Tuesday 4th January 2011.
The Clerk had received a telephone call from SCDC requesting the return of monies that had been granted for the proposed skate park as the time had long elapsed to complete this. The P & R committee agreed that we should return the playspace money and re-apply immediately for play equipment at Seaman Avenue. The leftover allocated funding for the skate park would remain on hold until the fruition of the skate park. The whole skate park project needs reviewing and an up to date report will be requested from Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois.
Quality Status – The Clerk had circulated a list of the benefits received since obtaining Quality Status as it elapses next year. The publication of Saxmundham News was a requirement in attaining Quality Status and as various Council cuts come into force expenditure has to be curtailed as much as possible saving us approximately £5000. Cllr Moye will look into a cheaper way of producing our newsletter and Cllr Mrs Andrews suggested that if we did not produce the newsletter we could print an A4 news sheet for special events such as St. Georges’ weekend, the Arts Festival and other important matters. She also suggested that we could contribute to the monthly Town Telegraph. Cllr Cooke thought that sometimes the Government hoodwink Councils because a lot of time, effort and expense went into the procedure to obtain Quality Status. Poor communication is also a problem and Cllr Mrs Andrews advised those present to go away with these thoughts over the seasonal break and bring back their views to the next P & R meeting. Careful consideration of the budget will be discussed at the P & R meeting.

3785. TO CONSIDER THE ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION TO BOS FOR CHRISTMAS: Cllr Howe was requested to ascertain the cost of the Christmas tree outside the Market Hall to enable Councillors to consider the amount we will donate to BOS towards the Christmas festivities.

3786. TO CONSIDER SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL NEW STRATEGIC DIRECTION (copy of council services to be delivered differently in the future) circulated
Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that the Policy and Resources committee will consider the new strategic direction at the next meeting on Tuesday 4th January 2011. SADCIC advised that they would be happy to assist.

3787. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM SAVVY: As Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois was absent no report was available.

3788. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE PLANNING COMMITTEE: Cllr Fisher had declared a personal interest in the applications that were discussed by the planning committee. The Clerk confirmed that the committee strongly supported both applications from Hopkins Homes at 32 High Street, Saxmundham for demolition of existing vacant former shop and erection of replacement building to provide two ground floor shop units with two first-floor apartments above. The Clerk had circulated the minutes from the planning committee and advised the following:-

SCDC planning permission given to the following:-
C10 1176 Market Hall, 29 High Street, Saxmundham – replace rotten window – listed building consent
C10 2584 Beech House, 5 North Entrance, Saxmundham – repairs including changing felt gutter to lead, internal alterations and new external flues
C10 2586 Burnt House Farm, Rendham Road, Saxmundham – erection of detached double garage and extension of driveway

C10 2196 Seaman House, Seaman Avenue, Saxmundham – use of land for the erection of 33 dwellings – To be considered by SCDC’s North Sub-Committee on 8 December 2010. Cllr Fisher declared an interest. The committee re-iterated their grave concerns as expressed in our letter of the 14th September 2010 as we strongly object to this application
Saxmundham Primary School – notice to apply for extensions & alterations to the school – pre planning consultation
Suffolk Coastal LDF – imminent consultation on the revised draft core strategy
Suffolk Coastal LDF- Consultation on the reviewed draft core strategy


3790. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM SAXMUNDHAM NEWS AND THE WEBSITE: The next issue of Saxmundham News will go to the printers at the beginning of January and be circulated by the middle of the month. The Clerk continues to update the website.

Cllr Mrs Andrews will attend a meeting at SCDC tomorrow to discuss the new strategic direction and this will be placed on the agenda in January for further discussions.
Cllr Mrs Sculley proposed we go ahead with the chosen contractor, Kerslake, for the renewal of the rotten window in the Market Hall. Seconded Cllr Moye. All in favour. Motion carried. Cllr Mrs Sculley advised that the new flooring for the kitchen will be laid this week.
Cllr Sir Peter advised he attended the Sizewell Parishes Liaison Group meeting on the 23rd November. They were approached by the District Council at Hinkley Point who were seeking advice on setting up a SPLG committee. They are two years ahead of the construction of Sizewell. SCDC set up a task group but excluded the SPLG committee from this. Cllr Mrs Andrews will telephone Barry Slater about this.
Cllr Howe reported on the Christmas Fayre advising, due to the extreme inclement weather, a number of stallholders and some attractions were unable to attend. However Santa was visited by a number of children in his grotto and it was a successful and enjoyable evening.
Cllr Willett attended the ESTA meeting with Beccles and Lowestoft receiving the most attention. The new lift at Ipswich should be operational by next March/April and Saxmundham station doesn’t even appear to be on the radar. The hourly service began yesterday.

3775.1 Market Hall, Cllr Sir Peter Batho advised a number of people have tripped and hurt themselves
on the steps of the forecourt outside the Market Hall. We have a duty of care to the public and the
Clerk will contact Highways about the type of paint needed to do the last row of the black bricks, yellow
and black.

Meeting closed at 9.20pm

Signed………………………………………… Dated…………………………………..……….
* Page 5 of 5 Town Council Minutes 13th December 2010

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