Present:            Cllr. J. Fisher, Chairman
                        Cllr. Mrs. M. Andrews

                        Cllr. Sir P. Batho
                        Cllr. Mrs. R. Damiral-White
                        Cllr. K. Howe
                        Cllr B. Jones, Vice Chairman
                        Cllr. G. Moye

                        Cllr. M. Palman
                        Cllr. Miss B. Peall
                        Cllr. Mrs D Sculley
                        Cllr. Ms C. Trotter-Langlois
                        Cllr. Col R. Warren

                        Cllr. D. Willett

In attendance:

Mrs M. Gallop Clerk to the Council
Sergeant Daye Goddard
PC Kevin Stollery
3 members of the public

* The Police were given congratulations for such excellent policing at the Remembrance Sunday procession on Sunday 9th November
* Thanks were given for clearing the path on the way to the library and the vets
* Mrs Canelle expressed her surprise that her name was actually mentioned in the Public Forum of the September minutes, not a usual occurrence, and advised that she would like the following inaccuracies to be amended. At the third bullet point of the Public Forum on the 8th September replace 'suffering' with concern. Omit the word 'apparently' and substitute ' a drop in centre for the youth' with drop in Arts Centre for everyone in the town.

REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE: A Police report had previously been circulated and Sgt Daye Goddard advised the following:
* Six parking tickets have been issued this month with two of them for illegal parking on the zig zags
* Illegal parking outside the Chinese/Fish Shop near the traffic lights and outside Threshers is giving cause for concern particularly between the hours of 5pm and 8pm. This situation will be closely monitored and an article published in the next edition of Saxmundham News.
* The Police are meeting with Highways tomorrow. Hopefully a Review is due out shortly with regard to parking restrictions in various areas including Albion Street. More parking areas are badly needed.
* The previous problems incurred at Heron Road are manifesting themselves again. The Refuse Lorry was unable to get access due to the second incident of inconsiderate parking by a resident forcing them to twice drive over a nearby neighbour's garden. The request for 'H' lines in that area was originally turned down by the Town Council but if they were installed the Police would have excellent grounds to issue an Anti Social Behaviour Order if inconsiderate parking continued. The Police were informed that a car had been illegally parked in the Market Place for over two hours.

REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR: Cllr R Leighton had sent his apologies as he was attending a local School Re-Organisation meeting

REPORT FROM THE DISTRICT COUNCILLORS: Cllrs Mrs Andrews and Sir Peter had nothing to report on at present


Members are invited to make any declarations of personal or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda and are reminded to make any declarations at any stage during the meeting if it becomes apparent that this may be required when a particular item or issue is considered. None declared.

3344. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllr G Cooke, holiday, Cllr B Jones arriving late due to School Re-Organisation meeting.

3345.1 North Entrance - Cllr Sir P Batho
3345.2 Christmas decorations - Cllr G Moye

3346. TO APPROVE AND SIGN AS A TRUE RECORD THE MINUTES OF THE 13th OCTOBER 2008 MEETING previously circulated: Unanimously agreed and signed. Motion carried.

The confusion regarding the best hanging basket award has been sorted out and Mr Button was given his Cup.
All relevant papers from Saxmundham & District Community Interest Company had been circulated to all the Councillors
Cllr Andrews is in the process of organising a trip to the waste recycling facility at Great Blakenham
Last months minute's page.5 3329.2 Cllr M Palman reported that he had seen Police hiding behind hedging with a speed gun along the road to Kelsale. He thought that the 30mph speed limit along there is totally inappropriate and advised that it should be 40mph all the way. Sir Peter proposed that this Council should get the speed limit North of Saxmundham to 40mph rather than the current 30 and 40mph. Cllr Mrs Sculley seconded. 12 Councillors voted for. One against. Motion carried on majority.



248 Town Telegraph
249 Communities & Local Government - A Consultation - Views by 24th Dec
250 SCC - Draft Fire Action Plan 2009-2010
251 Suffolk Preservation Society - DEFRA Consultation on Defra police statement for flood &
coastal erosion risk management
252 SCDC email - Encouraging more filming in Suffolk Coastal
253 The Office of Fair Trading - consideration of grocery store divestments in Co-op Somerfield
254 NJUG Vision for Street Works
255 Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter
256 Community Action on Climate Change - 5th December at SCC Ipswich
257 email SALC - Banking crisis
258 SCDC Agenda & minutes of meeting
259 SALC training list
260 Thank you card from The Willows for Chairman's Reception
261 Suffolk Coastal Arts Network News

51 Middleton cum Fordley Parish Council - Future development at Sizewell Nuclear Installation -
our opinion and reaction needed to the principle of collaboration. Cllr Andrews understands that there was a considerable amount of disruption to the local villages during the building of Sizewell B. If another power station is built it will have a detrimental effect on our roads and compensation for improvements would be sought. We will talk to Middleton Parish Council and Cllrs Mrs Andrews and Fisher will attend the first meeting when arranged.
52 SCC Illuminated Christmas Decorations on Public Highway - Code of Practice - fee £55.00. Normal yearly letter from SCC - the Town Council do not have illuminated decorations overhanging the public highway.
53 SCC Endeavour House Russell Road, Promoting Healthy & Sustainable Tourism project including Saxmundham 11.00am 26th November - Cllrs Moye and Miss Peall to attend.
54 email Suffolk Police - do we have any youngsters who would be volunteers to clear up a potential river obstruction in River Fromus by Tiggins Lane. This is in Kelsale and the Clerk will liaise with Kelsale Parish Council.


C085 Pastel Press Release- Circulation
C086 Cross Channel Connections Ltd - Continental Village Market- Cllrs agreed it was an excellent idea. Clerk to liaise.
C087 Email Simon Burridge SCDC- Update on Fromus Square- No progress at moment.
C088 Suffolk Coastal Arts Network Newsletter - Circulation
C089 SCC Emergency notice - temporary closure of the B1119 Fairfield Road, Saxmundham - File
C090 SALC Annual Report 07/08 Circulation
C091 SCC Passing of Cllr Ann Rodwell - Clerk written letter of condolence
C092 Email from C Smythe Regionalisation update- Circulation
C093 Email Barry Jones Schools re-organisation - Topic covered later

3349. CHAIRMAN'S ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cllr Fisher reported
Cllr Fisher thanked the Councillors for attending his Chairman's Reception - a very successful evening. Cllr Willett thought it would be beneficial if everyone had name-tags at any future events to enable improved networking.

* To approve the monthly finance report to end of October 2008 - Cllr Fisher proposed as correct, seconded by Cllr Moye. All in favour. Motion carried.

3351. TO DISCUSS THE 2009/2010 PROPOSED BUDGET: The Clerk had circulated draft figures for the Councillors to peruse following the recent P & R meeting.
* An increase for Audit fees to around £900
* The figure for the Clerk's salary needs to be increased
* It was agreed to insert an additional item for the Chairman's Reception
* The Market Hall allocation needs to be increased to provide more general maintenance (new urinal, tiling & decorating)
* To consider the purchase of a Town Council camera
* To purchase new Christmas decorations for the Town Council
* Insurance premium needs to be increased
* Commemorative Board for the Memorial Field
* Saxmundham in Bloom budget circulated
* Cllr Trotter-Langlois reported that she had attended a meeting with children and parents to discuss future development of Seaman Avenue Playing area. They have formed an action group of 24 and will begin fund raising. The Police and teachers of the local school have showed a lot of interest. A considerable amount of money needs to be raised to resurface the area and provide new equipment.
* Cllr Moye proposed the Town Council continue with the St. Georges' weekend celebrations next year. Seconded by Cllr Willett. All in favour. Motion carried.

3352. TO APPOINT A COUNCILLOR TO SUPPORT B.A.B.I.E.S. and attend meetings (Babies & Birthing in East Suffolk) - Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois to represent the Town Council.

3353. TO DISCUSS THE SCHOOLS RE-ORGANISATION: Cllr B Jones reported the following:
Leiston Middle School has the capacity to take Saxmundham Middle School years key stage 3 but Saxmundham does not have the capacity to take extras. Due to financial constraints it is unlikely that they will continue to use both Middle School sites and will use Leiston. This would result in the closure of Saxmundham Middle School and loss of the provision of After School Clubs and Adult learning.
A new High School may be built anytime after 2015 under the 'Building Schools for the Future' programme but funding is very uncertain. Cllr Jones had circulated a draft proposal for the response as follows:-
" We believe the Saxmundham Middle School is a vital community site and wish it to remain a centre of education within Saxmundham- certainly for children up to the age of 14.
We want the school to continue to be properly funded and supported at least until the opening of the new High School and then to be made available as a community site, unless the site is used for the new High School, to continue its usage for Adult Education and activities for the wider community.
Closing the site before the new school is available, thus sending the children of Saxmundham to the site of Leiston Middle School will increase the number of changes of schools, to the educational detriment of a number of School years for the children of Saxmundham. Whilst this may have an impact to only a limited number of school years it will still disrupt those children of current years 3 and 4, who only get one go at an education!
I believe we can post our response directly on their web site, this I have been informed is a better option than posting it and then having it loaded by county staff."
Cllr Fisher proposed we respond with the above comments that Cllr Jones had suggested, seconded by Cllr Damiral-White. All in favour. Motion carried. Cllr Fisher proposed that we strongly support the keeping of post eleven educations in Saxmundham. Seconded by Cllr Miss Peall. All in favour - motion carried.

Cllr Fisher advised that it would cost in the region of £14,000 per annum to fund a PCSO or £7000 if we shared with Leiston Town Council. Cllr Moye proposed that the Town Council do not fund a PCSO on the grounds that this is policing by proxy and we already pay for a Police Force through our Council Tax. Seconded by Cllr Warren. All in favour. Motion carried


C08 1834 Mr P Smith
Hall Farm, Church Street, Saxmundham
Conversion of redundant barns, including link extension to form one dwelling, and erection of cart lodge garage
The footprint has been reduced and the Committee offered no objections

* C08 1638 SCDC Hazeldene, 82 Fairfield Road, Saxmundham - erection of rear conservatory - planning permission granted
* 71 Fairfield Road, Saxmundham - Reduce & reshape Common Ash TPO granted by SCDC
* C08 1533 56 Lincoln Avenue, Saxmundham - erection of two-storey side extension to provide a garage and additional bedroom - planning permission granted

3356. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE POLICY & RESOURCES COMMITTEE: Cllr Jones reported that all topics had been covered above except Wingfield House, which will be discussed at the end of this meeting after the public have been excluded.

3357. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE MARKET HALL COMMITTEE: Cllr Moye reported that he and the Clerk were in the process of obtaining a realistic view of running the Market Hall and would finalise the figures at the next meeting. Three quotations had been received for inspecting and clearing the
guttering to our neighbours, H G Crisp, repairing and re-plastering the damage caused by damp in the boiler room and re-pointing to our external wall of the Webster Room.

Quotations received as follows:
Carl Allen Inspection to guttering £ 795.00
Re-pointing £ 795.00
Damp Wall in boiler room £ 1,150.00

Property Aid Quotation did not include guttering or the damp to the boiler room and there is an additional charge of a daily rate
£ 2,214.00

LJC Inspection to guttering £ 160.00
Re-pointing £ 85.00
Damp Wall in boiler room £ 1,200.00

Cllr Moye proposed we use LJC, seconded by Cllr Howe. All in favour. Motion carried.

Bookings are increasing at the moment and we have acquired a new customer for five hours on Tuesdays.

Cllr Andrews advised that the deadline for the next issue of Saxmundham News is 1st December. Distribution by the Coastal Advertiser has not been satisfactory with a number of roads being missed out. Inefficient delivery of the Autumn edition and a separately paid delivery of the Arts Festival programme resulted in many residents not being informed of all the events taking place during the Arts Festival. Cllr Andrews requested permission to explore an alternative distribution and approach the Rector to see if the distributors of 'Contact' magazine would consider delivering Saxmundham News at the same time. All agreed.

* Cllrs Fisher and Mrs Sculley attended the SALC Conference on the 21st October. The main topic of discussion was about the A12 infrastructure.
* Cllr Andrews reported that the recent BOS meeting was well attended and the next event is the Father Christmas grotto to be held in the Market Hall on Friday 5th December. She advised that some BOS members reacted badly to some of the remarks made on the Development Trust survey regarding the quality of retailing in Saxmundham but they agreed to act on this and improve.
* Cllr Fisher and the Clerk attended the Safer Neighbour Team meeting on the 29th October and had reported some of our main concerns in Saxmundham
* Brook Farm Residents Association thanked the Arts Festival for efficient advertising of their event
* Cllr Col Warren proposed a vote of thanks to the Arts Festival Committee for all their hard work. All agreed.
* Cllr Howe advised that Fromus Square had now been re-planted and hopefully the sinks would be completed shortly. He said that Saxmundham in Bloom would be having a stall at the forthcoming Horticultural Show in the Market Hall.

3345.1 North Entrance - Cllr Sir P Batho expressed his concern regarding the area of land that was allocated
for the building of the One Stop Shop appeared to have soil dumped on it. Sir Peter will speak to the
owner, Alan Howarth to find out whether permission has been granted for dumping soil and will monitor
the situation.
3345.2 Christmas decorations - Cllr G Moye advised that decorations will be erected the weekend before the
Father Christmas Grotto evening, 29th/30th November. Any offers of assistance would be welcome.

3360. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 8th December 2008 at 7.15pm
Cllr Moye proposed the following, seconded by Cllr Howe. All in favour. Motion carried

PROPOSED MOTION: that under the Public Bodies (admission to meetings) ACT 1960 the public be
excluded from the meeting on the grounds that publicity would be prejudicial to public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted. (Wingfield House) All agreed