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Saxmundham Town Council
Market Hall
High Street
Saxmundham Suffolk IP17 1AF
Tel/Fax: 01728 604595

Minutes of a meeting of Saxmundham Town Council
held at the Market Hall on Monday 9 FEBRUARY 2015
at 7.15pm

Present: Cllr J. Fisher – Chairman

Cllr Mrs M. Andrews

Cllr Sir Peter Batho

Cllr Ms L. Hailey

Cllr K. Howe
Cllr Mrs L. Jardine

Cllr R. Plant
Cllr Mrs D. Sculley
Cllr D. Tricker
Cllr D. Willett

In attendance: Ms M. Gallop, Town Clerk
Imogen Green, Clerical Assistant
Cllr Mr M. Gower Suffolk County Councillor arrived at 8.10pm
PC Kevin Stollery
3 members of the Public
Richard Cornwell, EADT

* A litter bin requested in the layby of Rendham Road – Clerk to investigate

REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE: PC Kevin Stollery advised the following:-
11 recorded crimes reported in January, 5 thefts, 2 common assaults, 1 Public order offence, 1 Affray, 1 drunk in charge of young child and 1 indecent image sent to a minor via Facebook

REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR: Cllr Gower attending a previous meeting and will arrive later

REPORT FROM THE DISTRICT COUNCILLORS: The finalisation for the council tax will be announced at the end of the month. Neither Cllr Mrs Andrews or Cllr Sir Peter had anything to report on.



* To Receive Amendments to the Register – None declared
* To Receive Declarations of Pecuniary Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda – None declared
* To Receive Declarations of Non Pecuniary Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda - Cllr Tricker declared an interest as a volunteer director of SADCIC who manages the Fromus Centre. Cllr Fisher declared a personal interest in planning application DC/15/0019/FUL 22 Manor Gardens as it was his parents’ home for nearly fifty years.
* To Consider Full/Partial Dispensations for Pecuniary Interests declared – N/A

4629. TO RECEIVE APOLOGIES FOR AND CONSENT TO ABSENCE: Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois, maternity leave

4630. TO APPROVE AND SIGN AS A TRUE RECORD THE MINUTES OF 12 JANUARY 2015 TOWN COUNCIL MEETING previously circulated: After a minor amendment, nutes were unanimously agreed and signed. Motion carried.


Action: 4570 Flag pole - Cllr Fisher
Still awaiting a quotation for installation of flagpole

Action: 4553 – Memorial Field drainage
Cllr Plant/Town Clerk & Clerical Assistant
Tenders sent out for drainage of Memorial Field.

Action: B270 Performance The Keepers Daughter
Town Clerk
Clerk has written to the Keepers Daughter – as yet no response

Action: C469 2 spare grit bins Clerk
Highways will purchase the grit bins for £180 each.

Action: C470 Monthly teenage dance named CHILL - Clerk
The Clerk has received a number of emails from Julia Ewart who also had a meeting with Cllr Tricker. Further investigation required.

Action: 4624 Christmas trees and decorations - Clerk
Clerk has contacted Julian Barclay for a quotation for erection of large and small Christmas Trees along the High Street. He has responded requiring further clarification and will get back to us as soon as possible.

Action: 4620 Production of A2 sized Town Map Cllr Tricker
A meeting has been arranged with Leiston Press, Cllrs Fisher and Tricker on 18th February at 10am.



802 SCC – cheque of £400 received towards promotion of street market



Thank you for donation Circulation
C474 Sax Museum Thank you for donation Circulation
C475 Email Suffolk Police Suffolk Police Community Safety Unit SAFEKey
C476 CIEU Emergency First Aid at work Thursday 14th May
Unanimously agreed for the Town Clerk to attend
C477 Julia Ewart
CHILL – proposed teenage disco
Various emails have been received regarding this new proposed venture of a disco. Cllr Tricker proposed that the Council respond advising that until we have clarification regarding DBS and Child Protection policy together with confirmation of registered people manning the entrances to the Market Hall the event cannot take place. Security arrangements and methodology of implementation of the actual running of the event needs to be confirmed. Part of this methodology is inclusion of the local secondary schools. We as Trustees are liable and the above points are totally essential. Seconded by Cllr Plant. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.


The Clerk informed the Councillors that she is in the process of compiling a Media policy and circulated a draft for them to study for approval at the March meeting.

* To approve the monthly Finance Report to the end of January 2015 - Cllr Plant proposed this as a true record, seconded by Cllr Willett. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
* To approve earmarking reserves – Cllr Plant proposed the following projects for earmarking reserves:- £28,000 for drainage of the Memorial Field, £25,000 for the footway Rendham Road, £30,000 Police Station repairs, £7500 as Benefactors for the Music Festival, £10,000 for Town Signage, £20,000 for the replacement of play equipment at Seaman Avenue, £5000 for a Market Hall Feasibility Study. Seconded by Cllr Fisher. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
* To receive an update on the Police Station purchase progress – The proposed purchase of the Police Station is still ongoing. This is in no way due to the Town Council – it is prevarication by the Police as Police Stations nationally have allegedly been offered large sums of money by Central Government to share their premises with the Fire Stations. The Police and Crime Commissioner want best value for their community amenity. Cllr Fisher has researched the history of the site. It was recommended that a ground survey was done as this site was originally the Town Gas Works. There is the potential of contamination and Cllr Fisher proposed we have a survey completed ourselves to investigate. This will cost approximately £3000 – seconded by Cllr Plant. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
* To consider the purchase of a PA system –Cllr Plant advised that our present system is a complex one and microphones have gone missing in the past. He proposed that we purchase a portable system for £219.00 provided the microphones are available separately. Seconded Cllr Tricker. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
County Cllr Michael arrived at 8.10pm.

4635. TO APPROVE AMENDMENT OF THE STANDING ORDERS TO INCORPORATE RECORDING OF MEETINGS AND THE ADOPTION OF A MEDIA POLICY: Cllr Fisher thought that this approval should be deferred until the March meeting as further research needs to be done with regard to the exact wording. Photography was not allowed in the past and due to this policy being reversed he proposed that in the interim we should take the clause out altogether regarding photography, filming and other media methods. Seconded by Cllr Howe. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

Meeting closed.

County Cllr Michael Gower was invited to give a report:

Cllr Gower apologised for his lateness due to a previous meeting at Bramfield. He advised that SCC are meeting this coming Thursday to agree a budget. They will increase the council tax but obviously Services will be scrutinised as they have to make savings in the region 38.2 million pounds to keep the council tax the same.
He has recently given small donations to the Rabble Chorus and the Music Festival.

A short break ensued .

4636. TO REVIEW AND COMMENT ON THE FOLLOWING PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Cllr Mrs Andrews does not vote due to her position on the Development Control Committee at SCDC.

Mr D Hiles
22 Manor Gardens, Saxmundham
Extensions & alterations to create additional accommodation. As approved at the January meeting the Clerk had responded to SCDC due to the time limitations having circulated all documents to the Councillors for their views beforehand. Our response was that we had no objections. Cllr Fisher had declared an interest. Motion carried
Mr A Good
Church House, Church Hill, Saxmundham
Replacement of rear conservatory, conversion of barn to family room, rebuild workshop, internal alterations. Listed building .The Town Council unanimously supported this. Motion carried.
Mr P Morphy
Beech House, 5 North Entrance, Sax
Erection of single-storey dwelling. A neighbour had sent in an objection. This application was thought to cause overcrowding and would cause unsuitable increase in traffic on an already dangerous exit. Cllr Sir Peter proposed that we object to this application. Seconded by Cllr Mrs Sculley. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
Mr & Mrs A Pipe
7 Chapel Road, Sax
Erection of single-storey rear extension (existing extension to be removed) – previously circulated to all Councillors due to time constraints. No objections given. Motion carried
Mr Ben French
20 High Street, Saxmundham
Existing ATM to be replaced with new DDA height ATM. Cllr Willett proposed support, seconded by Cllr Fisher. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
Steven Jordan
Land west of 10 Henley Close, Saxmundham
Erection of two storey dwelling with attached garage. Cllr Willett proposed agreement, seconded by Cllr Plant. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

4637. TO CONSIDER THE ARRANGEMENTS FOR ST. GEORGES’ WEEKEND 25/26 APRIL 2015 : Cllr Mrs Jardine and the Town Clerk have cancelled all the Sunday 26th April arrangements as previously agreed due to the important event being held in Theberton of the centenary of Col Charles Doughty-Whlie being awarded the Victoria Cross. She advised that the WI have been requested to provide tea, coffee and cakes on Saturday morning for the Food Fayre. However the WI will not get back to us with a response until after their next meeting. The Rabble Chorus will be singing and the Morris Dances will confirm whether they will be able to attend by the end of this month. Saturday afternoon will be for the children: - Punch & Judy, Storytelling by the Library and the disco is booked and all children will have to be accompanied by a responsible adult. A small group of students with a soloist from the Free School are hoping to perform and we ae waiting for confirmation from their Music teacher. Cllr Mrs Jardine has visited all the shopkeepers and business owners regarding the Best Dressed Window and the Odd Object competitions and has received a reasonable response. She has counted all buildings that have flag holders and advised that 62 flags will need to be purchased. Cllr Mrs Jardine has enquired about the purchase of polyester bunting and is expecting to receive a quotation from Bulstrodes of Framlingham shortly. A meeting of the working party will occur next Tuesday, 17th February.

Cllr Miss Hailey gave an update on the Three Communities Cycling project. They have held Rights of Way meeting, Impact Survey meeting and Route meeting. They have received £150 from both Benhall and Kelsale Parish Councils. An article will appear in Sax News next month.
Cllr Mrs Jardine advised that following the various meetings regarding development plans for housing in Suffolk Coastal the Consultation period will end on the 27th February and all comments need to be sent by email via the website before then.
Cllr Howe attended the AGM of BOS and no-one volunteered to stand for either the Chairman or Vice Chairman positions. This will be deferred for a further six weeks in the hope that someone will volunteer for these vacancies.
Cllr Mrs Andrews advised ESTA would like input regarding the new rail franchise from 2016 as they would like to see improved services on top of those already in situ and a report will be printed in Saxmundham News. There has been no news about the availability of a bus service from Framlingham to Saxmundham as at present you can travel to Framlingham but you cannot return! Cllr Willett advised that a bus replacement service, in the event of a train breakdown, has been implemented.

4639. DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING: 9 March 2015 at 7.15pm

Meeting ended at 9.10pm.

SIGNED _________________________________

DATED _________________________________`

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