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Saxmundham Town Council
Market Hall
High Street
Saxmundham Suffolk IP17 1AF
Tel/Fax: 01728 604595

Minutes of a meeting of Saxmundham Town Council
held at the Market Hall on Monday 10 March 2014
at 7.15pm


Cllr J. Fisher – Chairman

Cllr Mrs M. Andrews (attended until 9.15pm)

Cllr Sir Peter Batho

Cllr Ms L. Hailey

Cllr. K. Howe

Cllr Mrs L. Jardine

Cllr R. Plant
Cllr Mrs D. Sculley
Cllr D. Tricker
Cllr Ms C. Trotter-Langlois

Cllr D Willett

In attendance: Ms M. Gallop, Town Clerk
4 members of the Public
Richard Cornwell, EADT

Rubbish bins from the Bell Hotel - tubs are unable to be seen and rubbish has been thrown on top of the tubs. It was suggested that The Bell Hotel provide space for their own bins on their property. The previous owner was requested to do this but unfortunately this did not happen.

The proposal for the Railway Station building is on the agenda and will be discussed later in the meeting. Cllr Mrs Jardine had sent out the outline business plan – Friends of Saxmundham Station (FOSS) are looking for the Railway Station to be a community hub. If the proposal is accepted, and there is a time limit here, it will take about three years. The library have shown an interest in the building. The hourly service means the station is being used more. It was recommended that we look at this but FOSS would like the support of the Council, not financial. The Town Council have budgeted £15000 towards supporting this if the business case is approved.

The pavement near the Memorial Field – Anyone who is in a wheelchair are unable to access the new development. Negotiations are ongoing with the County, Builders and District Council. We understand that the Developers are contributing £4000 towards the surfacing of the footpath by the Fire Station. The Head of Planning will write to Highways on our behalf to explain to them that everyone is very worried about the lack of a footpath and lack of pedestrian access to this site in a safe manner. The 106 agreements are completed and it is too late for any changes. Highways looked at this but decided that a bollard in the middle of the road was adequate. It is not fair to blame the last Contractor as Highways should look at this far more closely. We are waiting to hear from the Head of Planning and Cllr Mrs Andrews will continue to raise this problem at every planning meeting at Woodbridge. There is no way that someone in a wheelchair can get down the road. There is one house in Rendham Road where the front garden sticks out so only one person can get past at a time. There should be a pathway all along that side and negotiations were held but it is not wide enough for a standard pathway.

REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE: The Police sent their apologies for non- attendance due to numerous commitments. The Police sent a report which the Clerk read out. (attached) 10 crimes reported.
Cllr Plant advised that despite numerous requests we have not received any parking statistics and Cllr Tricker suggested we write to the Chief Inspector for them.

REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR: County Cllr M. Gower sent his apologies and had sent a report which was read out as detailed below.
Extra broadband funding confirmed for Suffolk
Suffolk is being given an extra £5million from the government to help make high-speed fibre broadband available to the hardest-to-reach communities.

Last month’s announcement means that the Better Broadband for Suffolk programme, currently working to make superfast speeds (24 megabits per second (mbps) or more) available to 85% of the county, can start working towards a higher coverage target of up to 95%.  At present, all properties in Suffolk have been promised speeds of at least 2 mbps by the end of 2015.  A procurement exercise is underway.  The aim will be to complete the tendering process by the summer of 2014, and for works to start by the end of 2014 - in parallel with the on-going Better Broadband for Suffolk programme.

This extra funding will ensure that genuine super-fast speeds are available to more of Suffolk’s hardest-to-reach communities.

SCC council tax freeze pledge
SCC’s portion of council tax will be frozen at its 2010/11 level for the fourth year in a row, after the council voted through its budget proposals for 2014/15. 

The council will be saving £38.6million over the next year to meet a budget gap caused by on-going reductions in government grant and increased demand for services.  This is the first part of plans to save £156million over four years.  Despite the tough financial climate, the council will be pushing ahead with important projects, such as ‘Raising the Bar (driving up attainment levels in education), the roll-out of super-fast broadband across the whole of Suffolk, investing in apprenticeships, and supporting the development of 10 new, state-of-the-art care homes for older people.  At the same time, the road maintenance budget – used for fixing potholes - has been protected from cuts.  With plans to freeze council tax each year up to 2017, this will mean seven years with no increase.

Apprenticeship funding
SCC, in partnership with the National Apprenticeship Service, is offering £1,500 to employers who employ 16-24 year-olds through the Apprenticeship programme. 

 Any business that has fewer than 1,000 employees and hasn't had an apprentice within the last 12 months could be eligible for the grant. Young people aged 16 - 24 are eligible under the scheme.  To find out how to take advantage of these opportunities please contact the Apprenticeships Team on 01473 260922 or email at

Travel bus passes
The deadline is approaching for the renewal of travel passes, and SCC Passenger Transport is urging residents to take time to note the renewal process for free-travel bus passes or travel vouchers that expire on 31 March 2014.

Cllr Mrs Andrews reported the following: Community Enabling Budgets – District councillors have been given a pot of money to give to their communities for any new venture. e.g. Music Festival. Both District Councillors have had an application from the Music Committee but the application appears to have been lost at SCDC Woodbridge. Two applications – agreed and signed but money has not been forthcoming at present. Leiston Press need more advertising before they can increase the size of Sax News.
Cllr Sir Peter – Council Tax for SCDC will be at the same level as last year
On the 28th March there will be a planning meeting to discuss the new Planning System. Cllr Fisher to attend.



* To Receive Declarations of Pecuniary Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda - None declared
* To Receive Declarations of Non Pecuniary Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda. Cllr Tricker declared an interest as a volunteer director of SADCIC managing the Fromus Centre on behalf of SCC. Cllr Fisher declared an interest as secretary of Friends of Saxmundham Station. Cllr Mrs Jardine declared an interest in Friends of Saxmundham Station as a proposed Trustee of the Charity that is proposing to lease the Station building.
* Consider Full/Partial Dispensations for Pecuniary Interests - None Declared
* To Receive Amendments to the Register – None declared

4466. TO RECEIVE APOLOGIES FOR AND CONSENT TO ABSENCE: All present. Cllr Mrs Andrews will have to leave at 9.15pm this evening.

4467. TO APPROVE AND SIGN AS A TRUE RECORD THE MINUTES OF 10 FEBRUARY 2014 TOWN COUNCIL MEETING previously circulated: Unanimously agreed and signed as a true record. Motion carried.


Action: B243 Transport Seminar – to be booked

Town Clerk


Action: B244 Letter from Canon Stiff – Response needed

Town Clerk

A number of queries to be investigated.
Action: C 413 Letter regarding Tributary to the River – Response needed

Town Clerk
This has been dealt with.

Action: 4451 Review Standing & Financial Orders & Risk Assessment
Cllr Plant & Town Clerk

Reviewed – discussed at the Finance Meeting – recommendation to the Town Council on the 10th March 2014

Action: Application for loan to purchase the Police Station building

Town Clerk to complete and send to the Secretary of State

Action: 4457 Heating of the Webster Room. Quotation for a pressurised system to be accepted
Town Clerk
Accepted quotation



717 Emails regarding Saxmundham Market Charter
718 email Chris Burslem regarding skate ramps
719 Saxmundham Station Plan – no bank account yet for FOSS
720 Suffolk Coastal Area Meeting 9 December minutes
721 SPLG General Meeting agenda 11 March 2014
722 SALC Area Meeting agenda 17 March 2014
723 email SALC Precept Grant
724 CATS thank you letter for £200 donation
725 1st Sax Scout Group – request for a donation – refer to Finance Committee
726 email Russell Palmer – enquiry for job vacancy
727 Woodberry catalogue
728 Todd Christian – confirmation of circus on Memorial Field, same animals as last year
729 Dept of Communities & Local Government – Localising council tax support grant


245 The Local Government Boundary Commission – draft recommendations of Electoral Review of Suffolk
Coastal – Their proposal is that Saxmundham be part of a 2 member ward as recommended by our MP. Councillors were encouraged to look at this – web address available
246 Hadyn Morris – Scout Community Week – River Fromus clear up 7 or 8th June – Cllr Plant wished to make them aware of our birds nesting along the river. Clerk gave thanks to the Scouts.


Planned introduction of part night lighting Noted
C415 Dr Coffey MP Moved office within the constituency to Felixstowe
C416 Morphy Lawrence Ltd Saxmundham Police Building Survey
C417 Suffolk Preservation Society - Would like a working relationship with the TC regarding planning
Refer to Finance Committee
C418 Email Chris Burslem Request for £250.00 towards a survey
Refer to Market Hall & Finance Committee
C419 SCDC Invite to event – Introduction of New Public Access System 24th March
Cllr Fisher to attend
C420 Emails Haydn Morris Drainage problems on the Memorial Field
Cllr Fisher looking into
C421 Email Nikki Palmer Sizewell C community Forum Members Cllr Plant to attend
C422 SCDC DC/14/0648/TCA Observations required regarding re-pollarding holly tree next to access drive to farmyard.
Proposal incorrect – Quercus Ilex – not holly – no objections given


* To approve monthly Finance Report to the end of February 2014: Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
* To review the Standing Orders – NALC amended these in November – Cllr Fisher proposed to go through it page by page . After this was completed he proposed we adopt the Model Standing Orders with the amendments, seconded by Cllr Willett. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
* To review the Financial Standing Orders – Cllr Fisher proposed we accept the ones that we have at present and review when the new recommendations come from NALC. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
* To review the Risk Assessment and Risk Register –Cllr Plant thought this item should be placed on the agenda once every 3 months to ensure nothing has changed. Cllr Fisher proposed we accept these and thank Cllr Plant for preparing them and to review them quarterly, seconded by Cllr Cheleigh Trotter-Langlois. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

4472. TO CONSIDER A CONTRIBUTION TO THE COST OF A TRAFFIC REGULATION ORDER (TRO) IN BROOK FARM ROAD: We have been asked to contribute £1000 by Highways . Cllr Sir Peter thought the residents have made a full contribution to SCC Highways and he thinks that it is completely wrong to come back to Parish and Town Councils to get further contributions. Cllr Peter proposed that we do not make a contribution and ask SCC to expedite the work. Cllr Willett seconded this proposal. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

Action: Clerk to write to Highways.

A short break ensued. Cllr Mrs Andrews left.


Mr J Bolton
Brook Cottage,26 North Entrance, Saxmundham
To fell a Spruce inappropriate to setting & obstructing views
The Town Council supported this on majority. One against.
James Perks
Byways House, 55 Rendham Road, Saxmundham
Single-storey rear extension & addition of new storey on existing rear single storey element
SCDC invalidated application 03.03.14 Applicant will re-submit
Copeland Homes Ltd
32 High Street, Saxmundham
Erection of replacement building to provide two ground floor shop units with 2 first floor apartments above (existing vacant former shop building to be demolished) previous consents refs C10/2793 & C10 2794
The Town Council supported this.

To note Planning Decisions received
DC/13/3364 – Police Station – erection of 4 houses – application withdrawn
DC/13/3325 – Hurts Hall, South Entrance, Saxmundham – Erection of outbuilding for storage of
grounds maintenance equipment. – SCDC approval 17 February 2014
DC/13/3685 – 18 Manor Gardens, Saxmundham – Erection of extension – SCDC approval 10 February 2014

4474. TO CONFIRM TOWN COUNCIL SUPPORT FOR THE FOSS PROPOSAL TO GREATER ANGLIA FOR COMMUNITY USE OF THE SAXMUNDHAM RAILWAY STATION BUILDING: Cllr Mrs Jardine proposed we support this, albeit not financially. £15,000 has been put aside for the possibility of supporting it. Cllr Willett seconded this. One abstention. Motion carried on majority.

4475. TO CONSIDER THE BUS SERVICE BETWEEN SAXMUNDHAM AND FRAMLINGHAM: Cllr Mrs Andrews and Willett asked about this demand responsive system. This is run locally by Community Action Suffolk from the old Fram volunteer Centre in Framlingham.

4476. TO RECEIVE A REPORT ON THE LOCAL BUS SERVICES: Cllr Willett advised ESTA are working with local bus services and there has been an article placed in the East Anglian Daily Times within the last few days.

4477. TO CONSIDER THE FUTURE OF ST. GEORGE’S CELEBRATIONS: Cllr Howe advised that to ensure that the celebrations are successful much assistance is needed for Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th April and requested Councillors to assist with our three day event. Cllr Howe advised that he would not be able to continue with the proposed Carnival celebrations. Cllr Plant proposed that to make this a professional event we need to obtain professional assistance up to £1000 to set up for the Parade and put everything away. Seconded by Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.


Cllr Fisher attended SCDC Enabling Communities Launch and Cllr Fisher has spoken to the Enabler to arrange a meeting.
Cllr Mrs Andrews will be attending the Sizewell Liaison Committee tomorrow evening.
Cllr Willett attended the Transport meeting.


4480. To exclude the public under the Public Bodies (admission to meetings) Act 1960 on the grounds that publicity would be prejudicial to public interest by reasons of the confidential nature of the following business being transacted.

4481. Cllr Plant advised the Personnel Committee recommended a candidate for the vacancy of Clerical Assistant to the Clerk should be employed for 20 hours per week. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried. They also recommended that the Town Clerk should be a salaried position instead of an hourly rate. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

Meeting ended at 10.15pm

SIGNED _________________________________

DATED _________________________________

Page 2 of 6 Town Council Minutes 10 March 2014

* Page 5 of 5 Town Council Minutes 10 March 2014


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