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Minutes of the May 2012 AGM and TC meetingMinutes of meetings

MONDAY 14th MAY 2012

Cllr Mrs Andrews
Cllr. Sir. P Batho Chairman
Cllr J.Cassels
Cllr Mrs Damiral-White
Cllr. J. Fisher
Cllr. K. Howe
Cllr. D. Tricker
Cllr. Ms C Trotter-Langlois
Cllr. D. Willett

In attendance:

Mrs M. Gallop, Clerk to the Council
County Councillor Rae Leighton
9 members of the public


1. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN: Cllr Mrs Damiral-White proposed Cllr Sir Peter, seconded by Cllr Fisher. Cllr Tricker proposed Cllr Howe, seconded by Cllr Cassels. A secret ballot was held to agree on the election of chairman. The Clerk counted the votes and announced the results of 6 votes to 3. Cllr Sir Peter was elected as Chairman for the coming year on a majority vote. Motion carried.

Mr Moye had received two Olympic lapel badges and presented one to the Ipswich Building Society for the time capsule and the other to the Chairman of the Council, Cllr Sir Peter Batho.

2. TO RECEIVE THE CHAIRMAN’S DECLARATION OF ACCEPTANCE OF OFFICE AND AGREEMENT TO ABIDE BY THE CODE OF CONDUCT: Cllr Sir Peter signed the Acceptance of Office and Agreement to abide by the Code of Conduct.

3. ELECTION OF VICE CHAIRMAN: Cllr Fisher proposed Cllr Mrs Andrews, Cllr Mrs Damiral-White
Seconded, unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

4. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllr Cooke, abroad, Cllr Mrs Sculley, holiday

5. ELECTION OF THE FOLLOWING COMMITTEES: The Chairman and the Vice Chairman, Cllrs Sir Peter and Mrs Andrews are ex-officio on all committees.
5.1 Planning Committee, Cllr Mrs Rose Damiral-White, Cllr G. Cooke, Cllr J. Fisher, Cllr K. Howe, Cllr Ms
C Trotter- Langlois and Cllr Willett
5.2 Market Hall Management Committee Cllr J Cassels, Cllr K Howe, Cllr Mrs Sculley and Cllr Ms Trotter-
5.3 Finance Committee, Cllr G Cooke, Cllr J. Fisher, Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois and Cllr Willett
5.4 Personnel Committee, Cllr G Cooke, Cllr Mrs D Sculley, Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois and Cllr D Willett
5.5 SABRE Award Selection Committee, Cllr Mrs Damiral-White, Cllr Mrs Sculley and Cllr Ms Trotter-

6.1 Footpath Warden, Cllr J. Fisher
6.2 Saxmundham Welfare Charities – Mr Moye, Mr White
6.3 Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) (Town Clerk)
6.4 SALC, Cllr Fisher
6.5 Sizewell A and B Stakeholder Group, Cllr Tricker
6.6 Press Correspondent, Cllr Mrs Damiral-White
6.7 CATS, Cllr Cassels
6.8 CYDS, Cllr Tricker
6.9 Saxmundham in Bloom (Town Clerk)
6.10 Businesses of Saxmundham (BOS), Cllrs Howe and Willett
6.11 ESTA, Cllr Mrs Andrews
6.12 Citizens Advice Bureau, Cllr Mrs Sculley – to be confirmed
6.13 Tree Warden , Cllr Fisher
6.14 Dog Warden, Cllr Cassels
6.15 Other bodies requiring a representative:-
Greener Sax, Cllr Cassels
SADCIC, Cllr Tricker
St. Georges’ Committee, Cllrs Mrs Andrews, J. Cassels, K. Howe, Ms Trotter-Langlois,
and D. Willett

7. TO APPOINT AN INTERNAL AUDITOR: suggested as previously used, Heelis & Lodge Cllr Willett proposed we appoint the above, seconded by Cllr Fisher. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

8. TO APPOINT THE RESPONSIBLE FINANCIAL OFFICER: Cllr Willett proposed the Town Clerk, seconded by Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

9. TO RE-AFFIRM CHEQUE SIGNATORIES: Cllrs Sir Peter, Mrs Andrews and John Fisher together with the Town Clerk. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.


A presentation of the SABRE Award ( Saxmundham Award for Business and Resident Enterprise).

The SABRE Award is awarded to the person or business, who in the opinion of the judging panel, has worked extensively for the benefit of Saxmundham and its residents or “gone the extra mile”.

Cllr Mrs Damiral-White presented the award this year to Mr Glynn Moye who has worked ceaselessly for the benefit of the town and has supported the Town Council wholeheartedly on a number of occasions. Unfortunately Mr Moye had not been re-elected to the Council last May which enabled him to qualify for the presentation of this award as no Councillor is able to achieve this whilst they are in office. Cllr Sir Peter advised that Mr Moye thoroughly deserved this award for his endless assistance to the town and council. Mr Moye advised that he felt honoured and totally surprised to have achieved this and thanked the council.

* The Town Plan working party of ten members had an open clinic last Saturday inviting residents from the community to put forward their wishes for the town. Over 100 people attended this with around 24 ideas being put forward and these will form the basis for a residents’ survey in September. However Cllr Mrs Damiral-White thought some caution should be given to the responses as one lady was seen to be placing stickers on everything instead of a limited number that would give a realistic view of what ideas would be appropriate.
* One of the Olympic torchbearers is a 19 year old apprentice from Sizewell B who has been a Sea Cadet volunteer for a number of years and EDF nominated him. Another gentleman is a 41 year old married father with three children who has been nominated for his charity work for children with cancer. Another torchbearer has yet to submit his biography. They will have the opportunity to purchase a torch and if this offer is not taken up by the carriers the torches will be put up for auction. Saxmundham Middle School are making their own torches and there will be a competition to find the best one.

REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE: The Police had sent their apologies together with a report. The Clerk read out the report of 10 reported crimes during the month of April. It was felt that it would be beneficial if the new Sergeant, Mark Beresford, could attend a meeting and introduce himself to the Councillors and public.

The meeting was then closed to members of the public to enable agenda item 9 to be brought forward and discussed as input was required from Mr Moye who was unwell and needed to leave. Cllr Mrs Andrews requested consideration of continuing support for Club Sax. SCDC have awarded £1000 on condition that the Town Council match fund. Cllr Tricker declared an interested as a volunteer director of the local social enterprise, The Saxmundham & District Community Interest Company, who are now managing the Fromus Centre, where Club Sax hold their weekly meetings. The Youth Club numbers have doubled and between 20 and 25 young people regularly meeting every Tuesday evening. Payment has to be found for the hire of the premises and wages for three part time youth workers together with required monies for their activities. The Town Council have a limited amount of money in their accounts due to savings on the production of Saxmundham News and it was felt prudent that £1000 should be match funded to assist the continuation of this much needed facility. Agreed and motion carried.

REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR: County Cllr Rae Leighton reported the following:-
* Discussions regarding the traffic management of Brook Farm Road is continuing with a larger consensus than before and is hoped to be taken forward soon
* Consultation is undergoing regarding free school transport in the Saxmundham area together with the High Schools in the area and contributions would be welcome
* There will be a meeting at 9am in Snape Maltings on the 28th May to look at the strategic effects of having a Sizewell new build. There are a number of various aspects to be considered from the environment, infrastructure to the opportunities of new training and jobs for the local area.
* The implementation of a speed indicator in South Entrance has been discussed and agreed and will be completed in the future

REPORT FROM THE DISTRICT COUNCILLORS: Cllr Mrs Andrews requested the Clerk contact the District Council to obtain copies of a truncated version of the new planning laws to distribute to members of the planning committee. As previously notified SCDC agreed to support Club Sax with match funding from the Town Council. Cllr Mrs Andrews attended the ESTA AGM. The Beccles Loop is going ahead and it is hoped the hourly service for the trains will be implemented by December. Cllr Mrs Andrews went to a well attended meeting in Snape Maltings where a presentation was held to assist Town and Parish Councils. Saxmundham Town Council submitted a shortened version of a Neighbourhood Plan to SCDC planning a number of years ago but as the LDF has not been approved yet and the site specific allocations have not been considered, we don’t know if the Neighbourhood Plan will precede this.
Cllr Sir Peter advised that the refuse collection will be operating a trial service for the collection of clothes and textiles but it is not known if Saxmundham will be included at this time.


Members are invited to make any declarations of personal or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda and are reminded to make any declarations at any stage during the meeting if it becomes apparent that this may be required when a particular item or issue is considered. Cllr Tricker declared an interest in the Market Hall as a volunteer director of the local social enterprise, The Saxmundham & District Community Interest Company, who are now managing the Fromus Centre, on behalf of Suffolk County Council. Under item 13 of the agenda the following Councillors declared an interest – Cllr Fisher in Go with the flow bus, Cllr Mrs Andrews as trustee of Saxmundham Museum, Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois as Managing Director of CYDS, and Cllr Sir Peter as trustee of Saxmundham Sports Club.

Cllr G. Cooke, abroad, Cllr Mrs Sculley, holiday

4093. MATTERS TO BE RAISED UNDER AGENDA ITEM 17: Saxmundham Town Plan – Cllr Tricker

4094. MINUTES OF THE 16th APRIL 2012 MEETING previously circulated: Cllr Willett proposed these as correct, seconded by Cllr Fisher. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

4083 Sound system and loop – This will be purchased under the Queens’ Diamond Jubilee arrangements
4083 Cllr MsTrotter-Langlois advised that she is progressing with the application for funding to update the Market Hall and a survey needs to be completed.
Problems with the ladies lavatories in the Market Hall particularly when there are a large number of users, - The Town Clerk has researched this problem and has organised the plumber to update the system for about £400.
4086 Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois advised that a facebook page for the Town Council is up and running and she and the Town Clerk will regularly update it.
4088 Overhead cables in the Seaman Avenue Park – Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois advised that an application form is on its way for this work to be carried out
4089 – The provision of a dog bin is already in hand



616 Leiston & Aldeburgh Area Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter
617 Suffolk View
618 Suffolk Coastal Resource Network
619 Town Telegraph
620 Complaint from the Factory Shop regarding traffic congestion in Church Street & loss of earnings
621 SCDC Chairman’s Office congratulations on re-accreditation for quality status


185 The Friends of Leiston Airfield – Annual Service of Remembrance & Thanksgiving to the 357th Fighter Group Sunday June 3rd 2012 – cancelled this year


C333 Email Neil Thomas  Highlighting essential maintenance needed at the Memorial Field
Town Clerk to sort
C334 ESTA Agenda Circulation
C335 Email M. Russell Dog bins & public waste bins
Clerk to forward enquiry to Suffolk Coastal Services

4097. CHAIRMAN’S/CLERK’S ANNOUNCEMENTS: No announcements from the Chairman, Cllr Sir Peter
The Clerk advised that she was absolutely delighted to inform everyone that the application to Awards for All for a grant towards the Queens’ Diamond Jubilee celebrations had been successful. She gave sincere thanks to Mr Terry Barrow and Cllr Ken Howe for all their assistance towards this achievement.

* To approve the monthly finance report to end of April 2012 (as attached) Cllr Willett proposed these as correct, seconded by Cllr Cassels. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

4099. TO CONSIDER CONTINUING SUPPORT FOR CLUB SAX: As previously discussed earlier. Cllr Willett proposed we support Club Sax to match fund SCDC, seconded by Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois. Cllr Mrs Andrews declared an interest. Remaining Councillors unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

4100. TO CONSIDER THE CLERKS’ WORKING HOURS AS PREVIOUSLY REQUESTED: To be discussed at the end of the meeting ‘en camera’

4101. TO CONSIDER THE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT TO SIZEWELL PARISHES LIAISON GROUP (£150.00) Cllr Fisher thought we should not pay this as the main beneficiary is EDF because they only have to deal with one group instead of approximately 20 different parties – Cllr Tricker agreed with this. Cllr Sir Peter proposed this should be paid to keep us in touch with what the group is doing and to ensure we will be beneficiaries if the new Sizewell build occurs. Cllr Mrs Andrews seconded this proposal. Votes 5 for and 4 against. Motion carried on majority.

4102. TO GIVE AN UPDATE ON THE OLYMPIC TORCH Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that the planning of this process was not yet complete but Saxmundham would be receiving a great number of children on the 5th July. There will be no barriers erected and it will be very crowded but the teachers of the schools would be responsible for the safety of the children. The Council County together with the Metropolitan Police will provide marshals and the finalised arrangements are not available as yet. There will be a jazz band playing on the forecourt from Framlingham College and a South African lady who won a gold medal years ago from the hockey team at the Olympics will also be present. The Middle School are designing their own Olympic torch and all details of this event will be published in the next issue of Saxmundham News.

4103. CONSIDERATION OF GRANTS TO VOLUNTARY BODIES FOR 2012/2013 ( £ 1000.00 available)
( List previously circulated)

Saxmundham 1st Responders
Leiston, Saxmundham & District Citizens Advice Bureau
Saxmundham Adventure Playground
Saxmundham Museum
Go with the Flow Bus
Suffolk Sports Scorpions U10’s
Suffolk Age UK
Disability Advice Service
Home Start

Cllr Tricker proposed that we restrict the list due to the limited amount of grant money to Saxmundham based charities and thought the most important voluntary bodies for consideration should be the Citizens Advice Bureau and Saxmundham 1st Responders. Obviously a number of Councillors have interests to declare on the above and the following proposal by Cllr Willett, and seconded by Cllr Tricker was agreed. Motion carried.
Saxmundham 1st Responders £325.00
Citizens Advice Bureau £325.00
Suffolk Sports Scorpions 50.00
Saxmundham Museum 100.00
Go with the Flow Bus 100.00
CATS 100.00


To discuss the following planning application:

C12 0798 Mr N Parry
4 Ambulance Houses, Seaman Avenue, Saxmundham
Replace an existing 3m x 4m wooden conservatory with a glass 4m x 4m upvc double glazed conservatory
The Town Council supported this application
C12 0917 Tesco Stores Ltd
Land & Buildings south of Church Street, Saxmundham
Addition of two non-illuminated window vinyl graphic images, one non-illuminated ‘hello’ graphic mounted to wall and one non-illuminated vinyl graphic mounted to wall
The Town Council had no objections to this
Other correspondence received:
C12 0420 Archways 53 Rendham Road, Saxmundham erection of side extension and alterations to dormer SCDC approval 18 April 2012
C12 0437 Land & Buildings South of Church Street, Saxmundham – erection of directional and informative signage for the Tesco Store
C12 0438 Land & Buildings south of Church Street, Saxmundham, promotional and informative signage mounted to the new Tesco store.

4105. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM SAXMUNDHAM NEWS AND THE WEBSITE: Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that the latest issue Saxmundham News has just been distributed. She encouraged everyone to submit more editorials and photographs but copy must be submitted to Cllr Mrs Andrews by the first of the month.

Cllr Cassels advised that tomorrow evening at 7.15pm Greener Sax have Karen Canard coming to talk to them at the centre about her Rubbish Diet and how to move towards zero waste sent to landfill from your home.
Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois would like the Councillors to submit a small article and a photograph of themselves in preparation for the ‘ Meet your Councillor’ project and enquired about volunteers for the first shifts.
Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois gave her apologies for non attendance at the Annual Town Meeting due to illness. She reported on various SAVVY activities:-
* Party in the Park 25th August at Seaman Avenue Play Area - £600 has been promised by the County Councillor, Rae Leighton, Tescos are lending manpower and giving a hamper, Brook Farm Residents Association are assisting and thanks were given to Cllr Howe for his advice and guidance.
* Skate Park project will have a rally/kart day
* Positive Activities are providing football on the Memorial Field for the next six weeks and a raffle will be held to increase funds.
* There has been a mix up over the siting of an All Weather Sports Court and permission needs to be sought from the Town Council. Agenda item in June.
Suffolk Coastal Parish & Town Council Information & Consultation had a meeting in the Market Hall on the 30th April. An election will be held in November for the Police Commissioner.
Cllr Mrs Damiral-White went to a service in Southwold for Anzac Day which was well attended.
Cllr Howe advised that he had been to a BOS meeting earlier in the evening and advised that the next open night will be on the 11th July.
Cllr Tricker advised that he and Cllr Fisher had attended the Parish & Town Council Liaison meeting on 30th April in the Market Hall and thought the attendance was disappointing as it was an extremely useful meeting.
Cllr Tricker advised that the three representatives from the Town Council on the steering committee of Saxmundham Town Plan will gradually fall into the background and leave the running of this to the independent group. Chris Lucas has been appointed Chairman, Chris Burslem Secretary and Roger Plant Treasurer of the Saxmundham Town Plan.
A map of the area pointing out essential places of interest is necessary and the Town Guide will be updated this year.
Fromus Square – Cllr Sir Peter explained that the ownership of this land and the transfer to the Town Council began a number of years ago. This procedure is now coming to fruition and has incurred various expenditure to get to this stage. If the Town Council do not agree to take over the transfer of land with our War Memorial on it the maintenance of Fromus Square is likely to fall into disrepair and Cllr Sir Peter thought that we should take over the ownership and honour our agreement from years ago. Cllr Sir Peter proposed that we go ahead with the transfer, subject to our solicitors advice over various aspects, seconded by Cllr Mrs Damiral-White. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

4093. Saxmundham Town Plan – Cllr Tricker asked why the agreed standing item to discuss the Town Plan was not on the agenda but the Clerk advised that she knew this subject was going to be discussed within the Public Forum because there had recently been a Public Meeting on this but it will be an agenda item from now on so that everyone can be regularly updated with the progress.

11 June; 09 July ; 10 September; 08 October; 12 November; 10 December; 14 January 2013; 11 February;
11 March; 08 April; 13 May: Town Meeting – 22 April 2013

Meeting closed at 9.55pm

The following topic was ‘en camera’ , under the public bodies (admission to meetings) act 1960 ,the public were excluded from the meeting on the grounds that publicity would be prejudicial to public interest by reasons of the confidential nature of the business being transacted.


Signed………………………………………… Dated…………………………………..……….

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