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Cllr M. Palman, Chairman
Cllr. Mrs M Andrews
Cllr. S. P Batho
Cllr. G. Cooke
Cllr. Mrs R Damiral-White
Cllr. J. Fisher
Cllr. K. Howe
Cllr. G. Moye
Cllr. Miss B. Peall
Cllr. Mrs. D Sculley

In attendance:
Mrs M. Gallop, Clerk to the Council
Mr C Robinson EADT
Sarah Lucy Brown, photographer
Mr B Thornton, Anglia in Bloom Judge
24 members of the public

A presentation of awards for Saxmundham in Bloom 2010 (winners of Silver Gilt 2010 Anglia in Bloom)

* Best Front garden – Mr & Mrs Williamson
* Best Small garden - Linda Young
* Best Hanging baskets - Mr & Mrs A Jarvis
* Drought garden - Mr & Mrs J Martin
* SOON - Rose Damiral-White/Mr S White

Certificates to Saxmundham Primary School in recognition of the nomination for ‘The Grow your Own Award 2010’ and to the Saxmundham Middle School ECO project.

Mr Brian Thornton, Judge from Anglia in Bloom, gave the presentation and a brief talk on how important it is to involve all age groups, particularly the young, in taking a pride in our town by assisting with the Saxmundham in Bloom project. Youngsters who get involved with plants and watching the various stages of the growth enjoy seeing their efforts come to fruition and put the minority of vandals to shame. Mr Thornton praised Saxmundham Primary and Middle Schools for all their hard work. He went on to say that Saxmundham had been very successful in achieving Silver Gilt particularly with such a small team led by Cllr Howe who has put in an enormous amount of work towards the Award. Six Counties take part in the Anglia in Bloom competition with 10 pairs of Judges. There are three important subjects for the Judges to consider, namely, the horticultural aspect, environmental issues and the community involvement.

Cllr Howe thanked Mr Thornton for presenting the awards and for his informative talk.

* The Market Place – one resident who has already emailed with an initial report on anti-social behaviour around Zorbas will write to the Police as the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Licensing, at Suffolk Coastal District Council, are trying to liaise with the concerned resident.
* Apparently some residents have received phone calls from survey committees regarding public thoughts on policing in this area

REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE: The Police had previously sent their apologies together with a report. The Clerk read out the detailed report of 18 recorded crimes during September. ( report attached)
* The Scout Hut has been broken into again. The Clerk will email the Police to inform them. Cllr Mrs Damiral-White advised that they had £28,000 towards the re-building of a new scout hut and were waiting for planning permission from SCDC.

REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR: Cllr Rae Leighton reported he is very disappointed about the reoccurrence of vandalism at the Scout Hut. He will ask the Fire Station crew to keep an eye on the area.
He advised the following:
Strategic issues – The Suffolk County Council have to reduce their budget by 30% which means that they will have to find a different way to supply services. It will be impossible for SCC to continue with their strategically provided services resulting in them having to ask Communities to play a far bigger role. SCC will divest a lot of their services e.g Libraries. The SADCIC (Saxmundham and District Community Interest Company) who are sourcing a Community Centre by hoping to use the Middle School facilities may be able to assist by moving the library from Street Farm Road to the Middle School area.
Severe weather conditions – SCC have taken 2-3 months to prepare for this and have circulated guidance on this matter. Communities will be expected to take more responsibility e.g. cleaning pavements. Central Government have advised that you will not be liable if you try and improve the pavements by clearing snow away but obviously if the opposite was the case, e.g. pouring boiling water onto ice/snow, then you would be liable. More grit bins will be made available and the public will be able to use them for use in public areas, not for their own personal use. Last year salt destined for delivery here was diverted to other areas.

Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that apparently there is a problem along Station Approach where the gas main covers are above the level of the pavement and accidents could occur. Responsibility is not with SCC but can be found within the building regulations at planning control of SCDC.

Cllr Mrs Andrews reported:
Scrutiny of the planning department continues with one more meeting before it is referred to Cabinet then the full Council before decisions are made. Where there are objections to plans, particularly against the advice from Town & Parish Councils, a letter of explanation will be sent to them explaining the reasons why planning has been refused.
Sir Peter advised that joint working between Suffolk & Waveney Councils already occurs with the Chief Executive of SCDC acting a dual role for the last three years as Chief Executive for Waveney. The pressure of expected cuts by Central Government has resulted in an intention by SCDC & Waveney to share costs of senior posts. At the moment there is no intention of Suffolk and Waveney making the two areas into a single entity as Babergh and Central Suffolk are doing.
SCDC will go out to consultation as to whether the District Council should have an elected Mayor.
Why it is necessary to hire a Consultant at £40,000 per annum to investigate losses at the Spa Pavilion Felixstowe, and does not make economic sense in the current financial climate.


Members are invited to make any declarations of personal or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda and are reminded to make any declarations at any stage during the meeting if it becomes apparent that this may be required when a particular item or issue is considered. None declared.

3736. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllr Jones, working abroad, Cllr Ms C Trotter-Langlois, family responsibilities, Cllr Col Warren, ill health, and Cllr Willett, work commitments.

3737.1 Adventure Playground – Cllr Sir Peter Batho

3738. TO APPROVE AND SIGN AS A TRUE RECORD THE MINUTES OF THE 13th SEPTEMBER 2010 MEETING previously circulated: Unanimously agreed and signed. Motion carried

3717.1 Clerk had written to the Chief Constable and had received a visit from the Sector Commander, Chris
Gilmore last week.
3717.2 Foliage in Brook Farm Road has been cut.
3720 C209 – Licensing at SCDC attempting to contact Mr Jones regarding license premise in Saxmundham
3723. Clerk to forward finance spreadsheet to Cllr Palman


524 The Town Telegraph
525 SCDC agenda & minutes
526 SCC Preparations for the coming winter
527 SCDC Statement of accounts 2009/10
528 Email SCDC regarding Scrutiny of the Council’s Planning Service
529 NALC Future of the Standards Framework for members of Local Authorities in England
530 SALC – Training opportunities
531 Email SALC CENSUS 2011 coming out soon


130 email NALC – Do you think the Big Society will work for the local (parish & town) councils and
communities? Co-ordinate through the Clerk.
131 SALC Public Services Ombudsman – Law Commission’s consultation paper - Deadline 3 December – all LAIS views are in the black folder in the Webster Room.
132 SALC AGM Monday 8th November – is anyone able to attend?
133 Suffolk Coast Local Strategic Partnership – Invitation to Annual Forum 9.30am-1pm Friday 12
November 2010 – Cllr Willett may wish to attend.
134 email SALC Trunk Road off Network Diversion routes – meeting with the Highways Agency & Local Community Representation – date to be arranged – Do we wish to send a representative? – wait for date to be decided.


C214 SCC Changes to bus services in East & West Suffolk Circulation
C215 Police Annual Business Crime Forum 2010 2 November from 5pm Suffolk Police Headquarters
Cllr Moye to attend
C216 John Jackson Standing down as Governor of Primary School - Do we have anyone to fill this role? Cllr Howe to stand in if necessary
C217 SCDC Budget Review November 1st 7pm - This meeting is in the Market Hall, whilst our Committee meetings are taking place
C218 Email Tim Pike Four trees removed from Brook Farm Road near the junction with Deben Road
Cllr Fisher to make enquiries
C219 Copy from Email Licensing - Zorbas – intolerable disturbance
Licensing dealing with this
C220 Email Barry Woodgett, Station Investment report, Circulation
C221 SCDC Town & Parish Planning Forums 20th Oct Council Chamber, SCDC 27th Oct Riverside Centre
Cllrs Mrs M Andrews & Sir Peter to attend

It was unanimously agreed to discuss planning application C10 2537 before the five minute break. Motion carried

The meeting was closed to enable the new owners to explain their proposals. Meeting reopened for Councillors to discuss the application.

C10 2537 The Bell Hotel 31 High Street, Saxmundham
Alterations to entrances to bar & dining room to remove existing doors & part of wall structure to form wider & taller arched openings
The Councillors unanimously strongly supported this. Motion carried. (Cllr Mrs Andrews did not vote)

A five minute break ensued.

Meeting recommenced.

Our Chairman, Cllr Mark Palman, announced his intention to resign as Chairman of the Town Council at the next meeting due to his relocation to another area but will continue as a member of the Council for the time being. He was thanked for his hard work by Cllr Mrs Damiral-White. The Clerk reiterated this advising that he had been an excellent Chair and a constant support to her – an essential ingredient for the running of a Town Council.
The Clerk advised that she was planning to assist the Sax in Bloom team by revamping the gardening area of Fromus Square. Shrubs will replace the annuals underneath the four trees and she will purchase these shortly. Community workers will assist her by planting these later on this month. The Judge of Anglia in Bloom thought this was an excellent idea as it will be cost effective and involve community workers.

* To approve the monthly finance report to end of September 2010 – unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

3743. TO CONSIDER THE PURCHASE OF TWO WREATHS FOR REMEMBRANCE EVENTS: Cllr Mrs Damiral-White declared an interest. Cllr Moye proposed we donate £50 towards the purchase of two wreaths. Seconded by Cllr Howe. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

3744. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM SAVVY: Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois was absent and no report was available.

3745. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE PLANNING COMMITTEE: Cllr Mrs R Damiral-White advised the following decisions from the Committee meeting held on Monday 4th October.

C10 1176
Saxmundham Town Council
Market Hall, 29 High Street, Saxmundham
Replace the rotten window in the Market Hall
Unanimously supported.
C10 2365
Reef Estates
C & W Plastic Mouldings
Church Street, Saxmundham

Change of use to A1 retail including first floor extension & new shop front
Committee approved but would like to see the pedestrian footway extended across Fromus Bridge to allow free access to St. Johns Church.

C10 2296
Saxmundham War Memorial
Memorial Field, Rendham Road, Saxmundham
Erection of new scout hut to replace the existing building damaged by fire & vandalism
Cllr Willett proposed we fully support this. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
C10 2450
Mr & Dr Owen
4 Orwell Avenue, Saxmundham
Erection of single storey front porch extension
Committee support this. Motion carried

Applications received to be discussed on Monday 1st November 2010:

C10 2584 Beech House, North Entrance, Saxmundham, repairs including changing felt gutter to lead, internal alterations and new external flues
C10 2586 Burnt House Farm, Rendham Road, Saxmundham, erection of detached double garage & extension of driveway.

3746. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE POLICY & RESOURCES COMMITTEE: Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that preliminary discussions had taken place regarding the 2010/2011 budget. It was decided to attempt to retain the regular Saxmundham calendar of events for the Arts Festival, St. George’s, Saxmundham in Bloom and Father Christmas annual visit to Saxmundham. Further budget discussions will ensue.
Quality Status, Cllr Palman raised the question as to whether the committee thought re-applying for quality status was worth the time and expense involved. He thought careful consideration should be given to whether or not the publication of Saxmundham News should continue. As it is a quarterly newsletter there is no current information available when it is delivered to households plus the time, effort and cost to produce should also be considered. Last year it cost £3,178.94 to produce with an income of only £523.76.

3747. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE MARKET HALL COMMITTEE: Cllr Mrs Sculley confirmed that the Market Hall kitchen floor will soon be refurbished.

3748. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM SAXMUNDHAM IN BLOOM: Cllr Howe referred to the presentations held previously.

3749. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM SAXMUNDHAM NEWS AND THE WEBSITE: Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that the Autumn issue of Saxmundham News has been circulated and copy date for the next issue will be the 6th December. SALC have sent a message that apparently affects publications which are “self promotion using public money through funding publications which compete with free press newspapers.” The Clerk reported that she was doing her best to keep the website up to date.

Cllr Mrs Andrews had attended the Sizewell Parishes Liaison Group. EDF will be asked to set up a community fund of £10 million based on Copeland Borough Council. A draft proposal is circulating at the moment. The Group are planning to visit the Hinckley Point Power Station and France in the future.
Cllr Mrs Andrews advised that she had attended Sizewell Stakeholders Group meeting with NDA. The draft strategy regarding nuclear decommissioning caused a lively debate. It will cost in the region of £927 million for the decommissioning of Sizewell A.
Cllr Howe advised that the working party regarding the viability of the Town Council taking over the market is gathering momentum. Pitch sizes of 13 foot, current rates of £16.50 per pitch realise £6864.00 per annum. The cost for rubbish clearance and insurance liability has yet to be sorted.
The Market Place measures 60 foot x 55 foot and we could increase the stalls from 8 to 10. If cars are illegally left parked in the Market Place on a Wednesday morning the stallholders have been given a discount for loss of pitch room by SCDC. According to the statistics given by SCDC the figures do not tally. Further investigations will ensue.

Cllr Mrs Damiral-White advised that the Civic Service will be held at the War Memorial in Fromus Square on Thursday 11th November 11am. The Civic Parade for Remembrance will be held on Sunday 14th November meeting at 2.15pm in Kelsale car park for the service at 3pm in Kelsale Church followed by refreshments in Kelsale Village Hall.


3737.1 Adventure Playground – Cllr Sir Peter advised that the number of youths congregating around the Adventure Playground is causing a rapidly deteriorating situation. It has got much worse in the last two to three weeks with around 60 to 70 youths illegally drinking in Carlton Park causing numerous problems. Youths have been travelling in from Leiston particularly since Leiston had their public meeting a few weeks ago. The Clerk will liaise with the Police on this matter.


Meeting closed at 9.35pm

Signed………………………………………………… Dated…………………………………..……….
* Page 6 of 6 Town Council Minutes 11th October 2010


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