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Minutes of a meeting of Saxmundham Town Council
held at the Market Hall on Monday 08 JUNE 2015
at 7.15pm

Present: Cllr R. Plant – Chairman

Cllr P. Dunnett

Cllr Mrs A Eves

Cllr P Ewart

Cllr J. Fisher

Cllr K. Howe

Cllr Mrs L Jardine

Cllr Ms P Mackay

Cllr J Sandbach

Cllr Ms C Trotter-Langlois

Cllr M. Turner (arrived at 8.20pm)

In attendance: Ms M. Gallop, Town Clerk
Imogen Green, Clerical Assistant
County Cllr Michael Gower – arrived at 8.06pm (previous meeting)
PCSO’s Thora Taylor & Jamie Newson
15 members of the Public
Richard Cornwell, EADT

. There is an increasing amount of broken glass above the footpath opposite the Fish & Chip shop. Clerk will investigate.
. Drainage on the Memorial Field, Saxmundham, is beginning this week. A number of suggestions were aired – e.g. hardstanding for cars to the Scout Hut, a cordoned off area for dogs. However some ideas were extremely costly and these have to be considered and budgeted for. The Ormiston Trust are assisting the Town Council with various options for the youth and it is hoped that a portable building for the youth will be erected on the Memorial Field. It was also suggested that the gate be removed to give open access. However this would undoubtedly cause serious problems with regard to security.
. Cllr Plant attended the Public Enquiry over a three day period regarding the proposed development at Carlton. He handed in the Town Council’s objections with the petition of 150 names to the Inspector. However the main planning objections to this scheme that the Inspector has to consider are the following:-
i) Has SCDC a 5 year Land supply provision – unfortunately not
ii) Whether Carlton Park is Ancient Parkland
iii) Whether the Church of St. Peter (being a grade 2 listed building) is compromised, either by view or materially, - the appeal proved that the church would be unaffected
iv) As regards to sustainable development which included whether there was a ‘gap; between the two communities of Saxmundham and Kelsale. This was proved that there was a gap with sympathetic planting along the A12.
v) No decision has been forthcoming as yet.

. Empty premises along the High Street give cause for concern. However it is hopeful that EACH will be a positive addition when they move to premises opposite the Market Hall. Footfall in Saxmundham, particularly the North Entrance, continues to raise concerns with businesses and the weekly market.

REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE: PCSO Jamie Newson advised there had been 12 recorded crimes during May consisting of various thefts, criminal damage, drink driving, verbal abuse and a racially / religious offence.

REPORT FROM THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR: It was agreed that the meeting would be closed on the arrival of Cllr Gower to enable him to give a report.

REPORT FROM THE DISTRICT COUNCILLORS: Cllr Fisher advised that at the Annual District Council meeting Cllr Susan Harvey was elected as Chair Person and Cllr Mark Newton was elected as the Vice Chair. Ray Herring remains the Leader of the Council.
The planning committee consisted of two sub-committees for the North and South. However they have now merged into one committee which will look into the way plans are considered.
Cllr Dunnett elaborated on the new planning changes and advised that they will now meet every 3 weeks for continuity throughout the whole District. When Section 106 monies changes to CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) more information will be forthcoming. A Neighbourhood Plan would be beneficial and this will be discussed later in the meeting.
Cllr Dunnett confirmed that he had researched the rules and regulations regarding delivery lorries at Waitrose and Tesco. His findings were that if residents have any complaints they need to monitor the situation themselves, ensure which supermarket they are visiting and report back with the results. The times for the supermarkets vary contributing to longer hours for deliveries and pick-ups. Also some lorries that travel up Church Street are making their way to Leiston and not actually stopping at our supermarkets.


. To Receive Amendments to the Register – None declared
. To Receive Declarations of Pecuniary Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda – Cllr    Dunnett declared an interest to the planning application submitted by Christies Care.
. To Receive Declarations of Non Pecuniary Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda –None declared
. To Consider Full/Partial Dispensations for Pecuniary Interests declared - None

4684. TO RECEIVE APOLOGIES FOR AND CONSENT TO ABSENCE: Cllr Turner arrived at 8.20pm

COUNCIL MEETING previously circulated: Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.


Action By

Public Forum: Cooper Close, off Felsham Rise, Sax – parking problems
Town Clerk Contacted Highways who advised that Police, 101, have to be informed by residents at the time of driveways being blocked.
Public Forum – Future of Railway Station. Letters to be written to both Network Rail & Abellio.
Town Clerk Letters written and sent. Apparently there is a meeting this coming Thursday regarding the Railway Station organised by Gillian Benjamin. There are three bidders for the franchise.
4676 Thoughtless parking Saxon Road Town Clerk
Having liaised with Highways the Clerk was advised to inform residents to contact Police, 101, if road is blocked. There are no restrictions along that road – as no yellow lines are present cars can be parked along the road.
Public Forum White Hart – deteriorating state of building Town Clerk Having spoken to Mr Graham Enock the Clerk has now written to the Head of Planning at Suffolk Coastal DC.


819 Sizewell Parishes Liaison Group, Chairman’s Annual report
820 FLP Outdoor Play Solutions – leaflet
821 Peer Support Network – Tasters & courses in Suffolk Coastal area
822 BOS quarterly newsletter
823 ESTA copy of minutes
824 email Thora Taylor regarding speed monitoring on Brook Farm Road
825 Sizewell Parishes Liaison Group – agenda & minutes
826 email Sizewell C – various venues for meetings

275 TASC (Together against Sizewell C) Meeting Yoxford Village Hall at 6.30pm for 7.00pm Wednesday 17th June 2015 (meeting has since been cancelled)
276 CATS AGM 22 June 7.30pm – Cllr Ms MacKay will attend.

C493 Email Suffolk Highways
Temporary road closure of Rendham Road, between its junctions with Brook Farm Road and Seaman Avenue 27 July to 9 August. Footway widening outside 47 to 55 Rendham Road, Saxmundham
The Town Council have donated much money for this footway widening towards the safety of our residents.
C494 SALC Report to Area Meetings Circulation
C495  BFRA Letter requesting additional funding for Music Fest
It was agreed to donate £3000 out of the £10,000 originally underwritten agreed earlier in the year.
C496 Email Suffolk Police Suffolk Police Community Safety Unit Newsletter
C497 Email Sarah Shinnie, SCDC
Friends Life Women’s Tour coming to Suffolk 17 June 2015
The Clerk will place various posters out.

The Clerk advised that she had been in contact with various personnel from the District Council and would be walking around Saxmundham with them this coming Wednesday with regard to dog fouling and various other problems. Parking within the town is a growing concern. (Agenda item in September)
Cllr Plant advised he is waiting for a list that he had requested with regard to the allocation of Section 106 monies. He will be meeting the Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore, on Monday 6th July for discussions regarding the Police Station.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Cllr Lyn Jardine, the new Chairman of the committee, advised the following:-

. To consider approval of the monthly finance report to the end of May 2015 – Cllr Mrs Jardine proposed as correct, seconded by Cllr Plant. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried. Cllr Jardine reminded Councillors that the loan of £190,000 for the purchase of the Police Station was already in our bank account and hopefully the contract will be finalised within the next few months.
. To consider the provision of Christmas lights for the town – Cllr Plant had investigated this and is waiting for more information that he will bring to the next meeting in July. One expensive task will be to have all sockets waterproofed and PAT tested including the sockets for all the Christmas trees. The provision of lights will be very expensive and we would need a Contractor to look at all the fittings. It was thought that maybe lamp post decorations might be worth considering. We do not have provision in our budget for Christmas lights.
. To consider the purchase of a town banner – Cllr Mrs Jardine advised that as the proposed finger posts cannot be fitted for some considerable time, an alternative solution might be the installation of signage. Permission would be needed from various owners whose buildings would be suitable for signs to be place. Originally £10,000 was earmarked for the provision of finger posts but installation costs would be extra. Cllr Mrs Jardine thought that apart from the increasing costs SCC have vast essential traffic work to be implemented and obviously the erecting of finger posts is not essential. She proposed that we look at an alternative to the finger posts, seconded by Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried. Cllr Mrs Jardine will look into this.
. To consider Town TV – this idea was instigated by Cllr Howe who had spoken to a couple that had provided this in Ipswich. They would be happy to give us a short presentation in September. Cllr Howe thought Town TV would be useful to promote our town. However the project in Ipswich did not take off and the costs of this would be expensive and Cllr Howe was requested to provide a summary of costs and organise a short presentation at 6.30pm on Monday 14th September 2015.
. To receive an update of the Police Station purchase progress – Cllr Plant is in discussion with the Constabulary regarding the possibility of them sharing the building with the Town Council for a temporary period. Solicitors have been engaged and the Surveyor spoken to.
. Request for a donation from CYDS – to be dealt with in July. Cllr Ms Trotter-Langlois explained that CYDS is a Youth Project run in Leiston at present, for four days every week, for the benefit of young people living from Saxmundham to Leiston, aged between 8 to 29. They provide a variety of activities including a Youth Club, back to work advice, job difficulties, CV’s, Juniors group.
(Cllr Turner arrived at 8.20pm)
The meeting was closed to enable County Councillor Michael Gower to give a report.
. SCC has a new leader and not much has changed with regard to various policies.
. Cllr Gower suggested that he and Cllr Plant have a meeting with Mr Bob Clench at Highways.
. The Energy Waste Plant at Great Blakenham has agreed to extend the deal with Norfolk. The site is very impressive particularly with regard to a Greener Suffolk and a visit is highly recommended.

4690. TO CONSIDER THE IMPLEMENTATION OF A NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN (PARTNERSHIP): Cllr Plant advised that consideration of this is essential but the whole community would need to be involved. It would mean working with the District Council and could be beneficial to us. A separate meeting to ask the community for their opinion on this is necessary. A Plan would safeguard our community as it would have the potential of great benefits . Much preparatory work would be needed as well as funding and we would have to define the boundaries of Saxmundham. We would need to consider whether Saxmundham should have this for themselves or alternatively share as Saxmundham, Kelsale and Benhall Plan. Total commitment would be essential and much hard work would be necessary. Cllr Ewart proposed we seek to gain the approval of the Town to undertake and complete a Neighbourhood Plan. Seconded by Cllr Plant. It was suggested by Cllr Gower that we speak to both Framlingham and Wenhaston who are in the middle of implementing a Neighbourhood Plan. There is also a considerable amount of information regarding Rendlesham Parish Council on the District Council website who have attained a Plan. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

4691. TO CONSIDER ADVERTISING THE WOMENS CYCLE RACE THAT WILL BE COMING THROUGH SAXMUNDHAM: It was agreed that various posters provided by the District Council would be placed on the Notice Boards. It has been put onto our website and the schools have been involved. Cllr Howe thought we might have an exhibition in Fromus Square with various bikes. A mobile service for cycle repairs, called Roadrunner, will be contacted by Cllr Trotter-Langlois to ascertain whether they would be interested in coming to Fromus Square on the day that the cyclists come through Saxmundham. However there will be various activities going on in Thorpeness and Aldeburgh.

4692. TO CONSIDER MEMBERSHIP OF SIZEWELL PARISHES LIAISON GROUP: Cllr Plant requested the Councillors to consider continued membership of this group. Cllr Miss MacKay proposed we continue, seconded by Cllr Sandbach. Motion carried on majority as Cllr Fisher abstained.

Cllr Plant proposed we accept and adopt this Publication, seconded by Cllr Mrs Jardine. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
A ten minute break ensued where Councillors were requested to look at the planning applications. Cllr Plant advised that the newly formed Planning Committee would meet on Monday 6th July and the planning applications would be considered by them and their findings recommended to full Council afterwards.

DC/15/1955/LBC & DC/15/1956/FUL
26 High Street, Saxmundham
Proposed signage on front of building to advertise shop. Application to display advert also submitted Cllr Plant proposed support, seconded Cllr Mrs Jardine. Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
East of England Co-op
7 High Street, Saxmundham
Remove existing signage and replace with new to incorporate new company logo. This appears to be retrospective. Cllr Plant proposed support – Motion carried on majority as Cllr Fisher abstained.
Mr & Mrs Spicer
Gale House, 49 Rendham Road, Sax
2 storey rear extension to create kitchen diner on ground floor and new bedroom on first floor. Cllr Plant proposed we support this – Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.
Christies Care Ltd
Land north east of Brook House, Street Farm Road
New office building - Cllr Dunnett had declared an interest. This application was approved and motion carried on majority.

Cllr Mrs Jardine explained that a meeting to review the events on whether they worked or not was agreed before the day. The event that was the best attended was the Food Fayre with the Charity stalls. The Rabble Chorus attracted many people but a few stallholders advised that it stopped shoppers purchasing during the performance. The Morris Dancers had two performances which had satisfactory attendance. However the afternoon events for the children were not well attended during the Punch and Judy, Story Telling and even the disco. The evening entertainment provided by the Free School was excellent but again poorly attended apart from family, friends and Councillors. The Best Dressed Window competition had a modest response but some businesses thought that a change is required. The odd object competition for children had a very poor response. However Cllr Jardine advised that the Sunday Parade was missed by a number of organisations that usually took part. Cllr Plant proposed recommendation of a one day event including the Parade, short service and tea and
Page 6 of 6 Town Council Minutes 8 June 2015
cakes in the Market Hall with the possibility of a Fun Run during the morning. Cllr Miss MacKay seconded this, Unanimously agreed. Motion carried.

Cllr Mrs Jardine has been invited to the 2nd Stage Local Plan meeting which is preferred options and will report back to the Council.
Cllr Ewart advised that there is a networking event on Monday 15th June at Friston Chequers to which all Councillors were invited to attend. The Phase II town paint up is in hand and Cllr Ewart is meeting up with the staff at Hollesley Bay Prison who will provide workers to complete this task, overseen by Mr Burville.

4697. DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING: 13 JULY 2015 at 7.15pm

Meeting ended 9.40pm

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